Friday, July 1, 2016

It's a Weird Weird World

It's a small weird world. Often I feel like I live in a parallel universe - parallel to that of normal folks living that Ozzie and Harriet life. You know - where the men cheerily go off to work every morning and the housewives vacuum their living rooms while wearing heels and pearls. But, I digress.

Tuesday evening, the pups and I were on our constitutional. Being a nice evening when it was not raining and the breeze from the harbor coming up the street was keeping temperatures comfortable, we were making our way to the park. We strolled down Columbus past the corner store where Marshall naturally attempted to attack a line backer size gentleman on his bicycle. Thank God the cyclist had a sense of humor, laughed at him, and went on his way.  

Passing the vacant lot, I was able to distract Ellie long enough for her to miss the calico cat perched in his normal spot, as if overseeing his kingdom. Ellie is hell bent on chasing the cat, although the cat is wise enough to know Ellie is on a leash. Knowing he is safe, he just sits there washing his face with his paw as if to say, "Seriously?"

We moved along toward our destination - the following block which is nice park shaded with huge old oak trees laden with moss. When we reached the corner and I stopped to check for cars before crossing the street, an older small SUV stopped in front on me and the window rolled down. 

A friendly lady quickly said, "Hi, my name is Dawn. I just couldn't help stopping to tell you that  your dogs are so cute." Before I could thank her, she went on speaking very quickly. "Are you a dog person? Well, I am. Can you imagine not being one? And is that (pointing to Marshall) a Silky Terrier?"

"Well he may be, we're not sure. he's rescue."

"And what about that adorable thing?" she said pointing to Ellie.

"She's a Cairn."

"I thought so, she looks just like Toto. You know everyone says their Cairn looks like Toto but she really looks like Toto, especially with that black face. What a cute black face? I bet a lot of people stop and tell you she looks like Toto. I have a pup too. Let me show him to you."

With that she leaned to the side and picked up a Scottie that had been sitting on the front seat beside her, not able to get a word in edge wise either. "This is my baby."

Once again before I could open my mouth, she continued. "I had another one but it got killed by a Pit Bull. They are horrible and they have moved in here. You have to be careful when you walk your dogs. Speaking of that, we need to get together and walk our dogs that would be fun. My name is Dawn."

Finally she stopped to breathe. I added, while I had a chance, "We had several Scotties, they are fun dogs to have but a little arrogant. We also have had Airedales."

Dawn continued,"I used to have a half Airedale but she died.  They are fun. Well if you have Airedales, then you must know Valerie Perry. She has an Airedale."

This is  when the worlds collided. The peninsula of Charleston is made up of 16 boroughs populated by approximately 50,000 folks more or less. I live in the South Eastside borough.  I have never met chatty Dawn before this encounter, do not know her from Adam's house cat, did not know that she, her quiet Scottie, or deceased half Airedale ever existed until this chance encounter on the corner of Columbus and America Street in the South Eastside neighborhood. Yet, out of no where she assumes I know someone who happens to be a good friend and sorority sister of mine who lives three boroughs over simply because she has an Airedale.

"I know Valerie . . .", I started but before I could say any more Dawn chimed in.

"Well, I've got to run. Tell Valerie you met me. My name is Dawn, like the sunrise. We really need to get together." And off she went.

I looked once more to cross the street and I thought, even with copious quantities of drugs and alcohol, you can't make this stuff up. As we entered the park, I would not have been surprised to see the Queen of Hearts playing chess or flying monkeys and a dead witch. 

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