Saturday, October 29, 2016

I'm Back

For those of you faithful followers, I am back. It has been a busy time now that I have returned to the work world. I have decided to take another bent at my Blog. In the past, I have only written about things I found profoundly funny or what I thought my readers would find humorous. However, sometimes. . . often times lately my life is just not that interesting or humorous (or at least what I can write about). Given there are topics I am restricted from touching - mentioning certain family members who are still alive and may be reading the Blog, my work- which would be terribly entertaining but also totally unprofessional, etc. I have decided just to write about something that happens in my life each day. I figured that may be hum drum but we would see. This was yesterday.

So, let's start with today. It is our MO to rise around 5:30 am and take our morning constitutional. Given it is Saturday when the pups started rumbling around at 5:00, I was able to negotiate another hour or two of sleep. We had just settled down for a long morning's nap when out on the street suddenly I was awoke by red lights and sirens. This is not unusual. However, when they started gathering outside my window, they got my attention. (My apartment is on the ground floor on a street corner.)

I peaked out of the blinds to see an ambulance and a fire truck. I had not heard the crashing of metal or any gun shots so I was curious. Then I saw the Fire Battalion Chief backing his large SUV up my one way street. Long story short before it was all over with, there were 5 fire trucks parked on our small block (a narrow tree lined one way street). Soon the smell of smoke was every where.

I learned from a (very handsome young) fireman that the house next to our building had burned, but no one was hurt. I thanked him for his service and returned home. As I walked back in my door, I thought, wait, my car is parked back there. Oh, this is not good.....

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