Monday, October 31, 2016

Pagan Princesses and a Lost November

When I was younger, in the "Olden Days", Halloween was a time of ghosts and ghouls, witches and skeletons, basically all those scary things that hid in the dark, lurked in our closets, and went 'bump" in the night. After all, when one asks "Trick or Treat" it should not be an idle threat. 

These days the "holiday" has morphed into a time of costumes of super heroes, fairy tale princesses, and cute animals. The great irony is that now some evangelical churches are opposed to the celebration of Halloween ( which started as all hallow's eve, the last night the evil ones could out before all saint's day) saying it is a pagan holiday. Pagan when the children run amuck as Disney Princesses and cuddly animals? But I digress.

So here we are at the end of October, smack dab in the middle of autumn. The leaves have just started to turn their bright reds and yellows as the air finally turns cool and crisp. And what do I find in the local market - Halloween candy? Oh, no. The shelves are chocked full of red and green boxes and bags of sweets and sugarplums. Instead of candy corn and wonderful "Autumn Mix", there are candy canes, gum drops, and ginger bread. 

And Sirius radio is advertising that on Tuesday they start their first Holiday Channel. So the air will be filled with the sounds of Christmas before the pumpkins come off the porch. And once again Thanksgiving is treated like the red headed stepchild - totally overlooked. St Valentine best look out, he may soon be usurped by the Easter Bunny. 

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