Saturday, November 5, 2016

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Just a week ago I was lamenting about the early onslaught of  Christmas when Halloween had yet to be over. But I have rethought that. After all a woman is free to change her mind (and her hair color) at any time she wishes. 

This week Sirius started one of their many Holiday music channels. A few holiday commercials are beginning to peak through the loathsome campaign ads we are all so tired of being berated with every time we turn on the TV. Store shelves are decked with holiday decorations as orange and black morph into red and green. 

The Hallmark channel is now running Christmas movies 24/7. I find it interesting that they call them "Christmas Movies" and have "Countdown to Christmas" with no apologies. Apparently they do not feel bound by PC restrictions.  Not that I wish to tread on anyone's feelings but I find this refreshing. After all the Christians are celebrating the birth of Christ and, although I will not get into my personal thoughts on religion, it should be a free world for everyone to worship as they please and respect our friends and neighbors who may be different. I never criticize my Jewish friends when they celebrate their holy days or the Hindu or Muslims, etc.  But I digress.

I find myself watching these kitschy Christmas movies over and over. No, they are not award winning. And the plot is usually the same - girl meets boy, girl likes boy, somehow there is a disagreement but in the last 15 minutes all will be settled and love will conquer all. There is always snow. There is never sex (I assume all the children arrived via United Parcel.)

My DH told me once if I watched enough of these movies all my brains would be turned to mush. Even worse, my daughter walked in the other night and said, "Oh, God, seriously Mama? You are definitely turning into your mother. She used to watch that 'stuff' all the time."

The sounds of Christmas (aka the Holidays) bring a certain joy to my heart. As I found myself singing along to my first Christmas song on the radio, it dawned on me - why I am fighting this? Why not embrace it and enjoy the spirit longer than just the 28 or so days between Thanksgiving and Christmas? After all how many Christmas seasons do I have left? A sad thought, but in middle age I must face the truth and revel in the memories of Christmases past, appreciate every Christmas present I have, and anticipate with the excitement of a young child Christmas future. 

No, I have not forgotten Thanksgiving, the red headed step child of the holidays. It fits nicely in there, still one of my favorite days of the year. Now instead of "waiting" until Thanksgiving to start celebrating, I can embrace the joy of Thanksgiving as part of the Grand Holiday Season. 

So as of today I am in the holiday spirit. I feel free to play holiday songs in my car and on my iPad. I have already started buying Christmas gifts, planning where the tree will go, and watching that "stuff" on TV.  Say what you want to, it's a free world (at least until Wednesday morning). I plan to embrace the holiday season and get the most out of it. Why should I wait until November 25th to enjoy that magical feeling of all the little things that bring back so many wonderful memories of Christmases past? 

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