Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bar Stool Confessions

-We last saw Bunny at the Do Drop In, making her way to the end of the bar, Mai Tai in hand, to talk to Parker.

Parker laughed, "You can usually find me at work, here talking to Ike, or at home."

"That doesn't sound like much of fun." The Mai Tai was giving Bunny a lot of courage. "Well maybe I should have been spending more time here."

Ike was drying glasses, giving a chuckle, and a little shake of his head. Oblivious, Bunny continued, "Seriously, I never see you around."

Looking at his glass, Parker said, "Well, like I said, I have a fairly busy life."

Bunny smiled and moved closer to him. Putting her hand of his knee, she said, "Well maybe we need to change that. What do you say?"

Parker was quiet.

Bunny continued,  "Oh come on, a good looking man like you should not be spending so much time alone."

Parker turned and looked at her. "I'm not."

Not to be deterred and feeling the effects of the Ike's Mai Tai, Bunny replied,"Parker, I'll tell you what. Why don't we go out Saturday night? It's the Jaycees Auction. That would be fun. She looked at Ike, "Hey, can I have another one of these," she held up her glass. "It is sooooo good."

Parker looked at her, "Bunny, I appreciate your offer. But I am going to have say no."

"Do you have a steady girl?"

"No", Parker said not looking at her.

"OK, do you have a date for Saturday night?"

"Well, kind of." He turned and looked at her. "Yes, I have a date."

"With who?" Bunny said as she sipped more of her second Mai Tai (in which Ike had gone very light on the liquor).


"Bobbie Carter?" (A girl Bunny was in school with many years ago.)

"No, Bob."

"Bob?" She stopped drinking and turned to him.

"Bob Maybank."

"OK," said Bunny tying to process this. Not only was one good looking eligible man off the market - now two were. Bob Maybank was dreamy good looking.

"Yeah, OK."

"I had no idea.

"Well it's not like we walk around with a sign around out necks saying, 'Hey Look, We're Gay'."

Bunny looked at him, "I know just how you feel. I can relate." With this Ike moved closer - knowing this should be most interesting. "I have this delicate system, If anyone around me is sick, I'm going to get it. My back always hurts. No one ever understands the silent pain I go through. Believe me I can relate."

Getting frustrated with her, Parker said, "Bunny are you serious?"

"Yes, usually I am very sick. but I didn't want to burden you with these issues. I mean if it rains it is hard for me to get to work because of the pain. But I just suffer in silence."

Bunny reached for his hand on the bar. Parker shook his head, "Yes, Bunny, I guess you can relate. I should be happy given all the ills you deal with, I am just trying to make my way as a homosexual in a small southern town. My daddy keeps asking when I'm going to get married so I can produce a male heir to carry on the Dueise name. My mother told me I was afflicted and she was humiliated by what people said behind her back. I may as walk around with a scarlet H on my chest. Lord help me if I was concerned about having a chronic cold." With that he put some bills on the bar and walked out.

Bunny turned to Ike. "Well that should have made him feel better. No one hurts the way I do with stomach cramps and arthritis. Not that I would ever want one to feel sorry for me. I just wanted him to know he does not suffer alone."

Bunny turned too fast and tumbled off the bar stool onto the floor. "Ike you seriously need to fix this bar stool. Someone is going to get hurt on it. Why I could have re-injured my hip that I had surgery on last spring. Think what may have happened if I has been tipsy."

She managed to get up off the floor, gather up her things, and head for the door to go home. Unfortunately it was the men's room door that she opened.

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