Friday, July 28, 2017

Home of the Gnomes

Thursday morning Della was in the office alone just as she figured due to Bunny's illness. To her surprise, Bunny dragged in through the door.  "Well, I'm surprised to see you."

Bunny replied, "Well someone has to run this place. I feel like Hell, but I'm here."

Della just smiled and said to herself, "Great, and now the fun begins."

Buzz breezed in and spoke to Della. But before she could give him a heads up, he stuck his head into Bunny's office,"Mornin' Glory".

"Not so sure whats so glorious about it. I feel like Hell. My stomach is cramping. I have a fever. And, I . . ."

Buzz interrupted her, "Whoa, too much information. In my opinion, you need to go home. Just saying." He turned and quickly left her office before he had to endure her endless prostrations.

Della said, "I tried to warn you."

"Let's just say I'll pay more attention to you next time."

"Oh, and the Eldridge twins called. They say their water heater is out. Can you get over there this morning?"

Larry, who had just walked in, laughed and said, "We'll check on their gnome."

Buzz and Larry both chuckled. Della looked clueless. About that time Bunny called from her office, "Are y'all going to work today or just sit around and play cards."

Buzz winked at Della. "No mamm, we're getting ready to go gnome."  He stopped laughing long enough to ask,"Guess we never told you about the Eldridge sisters."

"No, is there some secret?"

"Don't think its a secret. Guess not many people have been in their home. They collect gnomes!"

"As in yard elves, Expedia gnomes?"

Larry looked Della straight in the eye, "Nope, not just in the yard. They are everywhere - on the floor, on the book shelves, shirts hanging on the walls, gnome lamps, gnome glasses, jars . . . You name it, they have a gnome for it."

"Well who knew?" laughed Della.

Before Bunny could get out of her office, Buzz and Larry were gone. She looked at Della, "What did he say?"

"Nothing, they are on their way to the Eldridge's house to check out the water heater."

"I'm hearing things, I thought y'all were talking about elves", said Bunny, "must be my stomach or my colon."

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