Thursday, July 27, 2017

It's Just the Mayonnaise

Monday morning Bunny was in the office early getting her paper work done when Della walked in. "Mornin' Bunny"

"Well good morning Della, and it is a good morning isn't it." Before Della could comment, ask, or escape to her desk Bunny had started. "Oh, Della, I think I'm in love."

"With Jeb?"

"Well who else could it be? He is such a gentleman. He opens my car door and tells me my hair sparkles. We go to these romantic out of the way places I never knew existed. You know the kind with the red checkered table cloths and wine bottles with candles in them on the table. He asks questions about me. He does not want to talk about himself. Why he is so serious, all his attention is on me. He is so careful everywhere we go, making sure I'm taken care of and no one is going to hurt me. He even checks out every place before we go in." She twirled like a teenager in love, which looked quite silly for a close to middle age woman.

She turned to Della who had gone back to her desk to finish some paperwork while Bunny shared every detail of her experiences with Jeb. "I swear I could marry him. And, I know he is going to ask me to the Jaycees Auction this coming weekend, probably today."

Della just smiled and kept working.

Meanwhile 'Miss' Ella came in. "Bunny... you have that look in your eyes. What in the world have you been up to?"

"Oh, 'Miss' Ella, I may be in love."

"Miss" Ella's eye brightened, "Well do tell!"

"I've been seeing Jeb."

"Jeb, as in Jeb Jackson?" 'Miss' Ella looked over at Della who just shrugged her shoulders.

"Yes mamm. He is such a dear". She went on to repeat the exact story, almost word for word, that she had told Della earlier.

Della was busy with her paper work when the phone rang with a call for Bunny. With that Bunny excused herself and went into her office to take the call.

"Della", 'Miss' Ella said quietly. "What about Kathleen?"

"Bunny says its over between them."

"Well if so, it had to happen late this morning after I saw Jeb and Kathleen leave his place. And they did not look like they had 'broken up' to me. In fact it looked as if they were on their way to the Star Light Cafe for lunch."

As soon as 'Miss' Ella finished her comment, Bunny came out of her office. "I'm starving. I think I'll run over to the Starlight and get a sandwich. Y'all want anything?"

Della spoke up first, "I was thinking about a burger from Ed's."

'Miss' Ella chimed in, "Oh, I think something from Ed's would be tasty. In fact - let's all go. My treat!"

But Bunny was opening the door, "Golly 'Miss' Ella I appreciate that, but I'll take a rain check." With that she walked out and closed the door.

"Oh well," sighed Della. "This ain't going to be pretty."

"Bunny all of people should know better. Why Kathleen and Jeb have been together forever. I hear tell from Frank at the jewelry store that Jeb's been in lately looking at rings. And I don't think he was considering Bunny's ring size. Dear me."

At the Starlight, Bunny got excited when she saw Jeb standing at the counter. She hurried in, "Oh honey, what a surprise."

Jeb turned and the look on his face was anything but endearing. In fact, it looked as if he was seeing his life flash before his eyes. He recovered, "What brings you in here?"

"Lunch, and you, she said as she got close enough for him to kiss her. However that was interrupted when a sweet voice from over Jeb's shoulder said, "Oh, Bunny, it's nice to see you."

Bunny, stunned, look see Kathleen come up beside Jeb. Bunny replied," Well, Kathleen, I had no idea you were back."

Jeb stood there nervously.

"Oh, I am and I am so glad to be home. I missed Jeb so much. I couldn't dare think that he was all alone while I was gone. Why just the idea that he had go to dinner and visit nightclubs alone tore my heart up, so I hurried home. Right sweetie pie". She slid her arm in his.

With fire in her eyes, it was all Bunny could do to be nice. She could not decide whether to run and strangle Kathleen or kill Jeb. "I'm sure Jeb is happy to have you back also since he has been so lonely with you being gone." With that she turned to Walter, who had been watching this all play out, along with everyone else in the diner. "Walter, can I get a grilled cheese sandwich . . . to go?"

"Coming right up."

Back in the office, she went straight to her office. After a while, Della walked in to check on her, "You're awfully quiet."

"Oh Della, I feel horrible. I may just have to go home for the day."

"What caused that?"

"Probably the mayonnaise."

"I thought you got a grill cheese. There is no mayonnaise on one of those."

"Well, I used to always ask Walter to put it on my grill cheese sandwiches."

". . .And now it makes you sick."

"Does it every time."

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