Tuesday, July 25, 2017

It's Only a Man in Her Life

The Monday morning skies were dark and menacing. For once the prediction of rain storms for the day looked to be accurate. When Bunny walked into the office, Della just said, "Want me to get you some coffee? I know this will be one of your days with the rain coming and all. Probably didn't sleep last night."

To Della's surprise Bunny smiled and said, "I don't know why you would think that. Why I had a wonderful night's sleep. In fact I had a wonderful night." With that she walked into her office.

Aware she had some business calls to make, Della did not know whether to start making the calls or jump off the bridge and ask Bunny why her evening was 'wonderful'. This could go into a 45 minute monologue, reciting every detail. But, being Della she went for it. "OK, what made your night last night so wonderful?"

"I spent it with Jeb. And it was fabulous."

"Jeb, as in ambulance chasing attorney Jeb? As in Johnson Edward Beauregard, Jr."

"Why that's not fair, he has a good law practice helping other people. He called me late yesterday afternoon and asked me to dinner. He even picked me up and we went to the Star Light Cafe. We just talked and talked. He is so funny. I had no idea." Bunny went behind her desk and sat down. 

Leaning up against the door post Della said,"You've known him all your life. What happened last night to make the bells and whistles go off?' Besides I thought he and Kathleen Quinton had been keeping rather tight company for some time?"

"Oh, I think he must have seen me around town and realized what he was missing."

Buzz walked in, "Bunny, we are going to have to replace those pipes at 43 Dock Street. I know you and Mr. Wade don't want to spend the money. But we can't wait much longer."

"Now Buzz you just do what you need to get those pipes fixed properly. I'll take care of Wade."

As Buzz passed Della's desk he asked, "What's up with her? She's acting crazy as a June Bug."

"Well let's just say there's a man in her life."

"If that's the case and it makes this much difference, we need make sure there is ALWAYS a man in her life. I've been begging to fix those pipes for months and both she and Mr. Wade have been putting me off, saying it wasn't that bad. So you're telling me a date does this to her."

"Buzz, just be happy and take advantage of it while we have it. It's raining and no one is complaining."

"Lord, this a damn miracle."

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