Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sam Signs On

Tuesday night Jeb took Bunny to dinner at a little restaurant she had never heard of on the outskirts of town. She wasn't very impressed, but it didn't matter because Jeb was so funny and made her feel so good. Wednesday evening they drove to mobile to see a movie. Soon they were spending much time together, but always after work and Jeb was always excited to take her to some place new and different, and usually out of town, that she had never been. Bunny was smitten.

Friday Sam came in the office to sign his lease. He had found a small bungalow cottage an old fisherman had owned at one time down by the river. It was quaint but Wade had a hard time renting it since it wasn't in middle of all the "excitement" of Gallagher. Wade had not completely redone this particular home with the most modern conveniences he had put in his newer properties. But Sam said it was perfect for him. The solitude was what he was looking for. Besides no one could just "happen by" on their way to anywhere.

Della showed Sam where to sign, made sure he had the proper keys, instructed him as to where he could find the power company. He thanked her. Before he left, he smiled at Della, "Has everyone ever told you that you have beautiful blue eyes?" He paused, "If not, then let me tell you." 

"Why thank you Sam. By the way Bunny is out of the office, I'll make sure you knows you stopped by. I'm sure she'll be disappointed she missed you."  

"Yeah, you do that. Have a nice day Miss Della with the pretty blue eyes." He winked at her and with that he was on his way.

Della just stood there. "Damn he is good looking," she thought as he walked out the door.

For the first time Della realized that maybe she was not invisible after all. Perhaps everyone was not Bunny's to claim. She made a mental note to start wearing makeup and spend more time on her hair.

It wasn't two minutes later before Sam stuck his head in the door. "Miss Della, what is this Jaycee Auction all about?"

Della gave him a brief explanation. 

He smiled. "Well I don't think I want to go to something like that alone seeing as I'm new in town. Do you have plans Saturday evening?"

Della hesitated, not believing what he may be asking. After all he could need a dog sitter or was just curious. "No, I don't have any plans."

"Good, cause you do now. I'll pick you up at 7:00." He smiled and winked one more time and closed the door.

Della was speechless. Bunny always had a date for a big occasion while Della rarely did, Now when she gave Della that,"Poor Della, not going to the auction Saturday, but you wouldn't know what to do if you did go anyway," - look that she was so want to do, Della would just mention that Sam had happened to ask her. That brought a smile her face. Della was going with the Marlboro Man.

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