Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Marlboro Man's Curative Effect

Friday morning Bunny walked stiffly into the office. "It's going to rain today. No doubt about it."

Della replied,"I didn't see the forecast this morning. It sure looks sunny to me."

"Every bone in my body hurts and that means no doubt it is going to rain," said Bunny as she slowly made her way into her office. "I didn't sleep at all last night. Just couldn't get comfortable. Ever since I had that hip surgery it just hasn't been the same."

Buzz stuck his head in her office. "I need to get some filters and drains for 112 Oak. Want me to get them from Smith and Wells and just have them bill the office?"

Bunny just sighed as she sat down in her chair very slowly. "That sounds fine."

"You OK? Looks like you are feeling poorly"

"It's going to rain."

"Don't think so. Not a cloud in the sky."

"Trust me, my bones do not lie."

With that Buzz left to get his supplies. Della stuck her head in the office,"Remember you have that tour at 11 this morning. That group of folks are going to meet you in the lobby of 112 Oak about 10:45."

"No way I can do that. I just hurt. It is all can do to walk. Della, do you think you could do the tour for me? Just this once?"

"Sure, no problem."

About 9:30 the door opened and Sam, the Marlboro man, came in. "Mornin' mamm."

"Good morning Mr. Peterson. What can I do for you this morning?"

"Well I drove around last night and I would like to look at the available units at 212 Broad and 112 Oak. I think I've narrowed it down to those two addresses."

About that time Bunny came into the room, "Good morning Sam. What brings you in?"

"Good morning Bunny. How are you this morning?"

"Well it is going to rain because every bone and joint in my body hurts. It's all I can do to stand up"

"Well I'm sorry to hear that. I was just telling Della that there are two addresses I was hoping to see today."

Bunny straightened up. "Give me a minute to return a phone call and I'll show you those places myself."

"Are you sure you have time. Of course, my morning is free. I'll drive."

"It's very sunny out here for a forecast of rain."

"Oh, it is a beautiful day. And now let's look at 212 Broad Street first." And off they drove. 

Della just watched from the window. "Well miracles do happen after all. I wonder if Mr. Peterson is aware of his curative powers."

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