Thursday, August 24, 2017

And, Who Knows About This?

Shocked Bunny just nodded her head, "How did you know that?"

"Because last week Harrison came in and redid all his finances and his estate. It was clear he planned on spending a lot of time with you. He knew just what he wanted changed. So we made the changes and they were executed Friday."

She just stood there. He continued "I gathered the family this morning to review Harrison's estate and his Last Will and Testament. Basically since he proposed marriage to you, Ivy Lane has been left to you free and clear as well as a substantial trust to care for the property and for you."

"But we never married?"

"Yes, that may be. However, you were betrothed and that was how he had the documents written. He feared y'all would not get married prior to his death."

"And his family knows this?"


"And, I assume they are not happy."

"It doesn't matter. It was Harrison's wishes. His daughters were well taken of."

For the second time in less than a week, Bunny found herself falling into a chair. 'I don't know what to say?"

"You don't have to say anything." Mr. Sweeny said with a smile. "Just get back with me when you are ready to move forward." He smiled, opened the door, and left her office.

Bunny kept herself busy with a new lease, construction plans for Terse's place, and returning some phone calls. She just could not deal with Mr. Sweenty's visit at the moment. That alone would bring on strep throat and dermatitis, two things she did not need right now.

At lunch time she walked over to Ed's for a grilled cheese sandwich. She was leaving when she ran into Tula - the last person she wanted to see. "Well, well, who do we have here? Harrison Wells' fiancee or so she says."

Bunny just kept walking, hoping she would go away. But no. Tula continued. "Or were you really engaged? I don't see a ring. No one knew about it, not Harrison's girls or your mother. One would think such good news would certainly have been shared with loved ones, wouldn't they?"

Bunny kept walking. Tula followed, "Funny how that rumor came out just as his death was announced and the word "betrothed" was key in the documents."

Bunny stopped. "Tula, there is nothing to discuss here." And with that she went back to the office. 

That evening after work, having been the day from Hell, Bunny decided she did not want to be alone. She changed clothes and made her way to Dot's (Do Drop In). Ike smiled as she entered the door. "Miss Bunny, I'm so sorry about Mr. Wells. He was a good man."

"Thanks Ike."

"You want a Mai Tai? It's on the house."

"Yes, that's awfully sweet of you."

"I think you deserve it," then he lowered his voice," just for having to deal with those Wells' girls if nothing else. How such fine parents could have such hateful children I'll never know.

When she sat down at the bar she saw that Parker, Bob, Jeb and Kathleen were having a lively debate. Parker looked her way and immediately said,"Come over here Bunny and join us."

She moved over to the stool next to Parker. Ike sat her Mai Tai in front of her. Parker laughed, "Oh, we are going to have fun tonight." Picking on Bunny, he added, "Don't get upset, I really enjoyed that night. It has been a long time since some chick tried to pick me up."

Bob added, "Just for the record, Parker's with me tonight." They all laughed, especially Bunny and Parker.

The group talked and joked for an hour or two. More beverages were consumed. Tales were told and they talked about growing up in Gallagher. As they got more inebriated, they became more loud and loose with what came out of their mouths. At one point Parker laughed, "Jeb, maybe Kathleen's not enough and you need to visit Idella Arnell's House of Pleasures for the Lonely Man." That drew a raucous laugh.

Jeb replied, "Or, we can have that here, right in Gallagher. No need to go to New Orleans. Right Bunny!" He let out a laugh.

Everyone else was silent except Bunny. She reached over and slapped his face, "How dare you talk of me like that. I am not that kind of girl."

Jeb rubbed the red mark on his cheek, "I wasn't talking about you."

Parker said, "I think it's time for all of us to go home now. We've had enough fun for one evening."

Bunny and Parker walked out together. "Bunny, I was just making fun of Parker. I did not mean to offend you in any way. You know I think much more of you than that."

"Parker, of course you didn't offend me, it was Jeb. And he deserved that slap on his face."

"No, I should not have brought up the subject."

Bunny laughed, "You think I'm a prude or something. I'm not some blushing southern debutante who doesn't know about life. Of course I know all about Idella Arnell's."

Parker stopped walking and looked at Bunny, "Maybe you don't?"

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