Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Bologna,Twinkies, and Pink Chablis

Bunny got up the next morning feeling great. Everything at work was going well. She had a plan for Ivy Lane. According to Mr. Sweeny, it looked like the Will issue was settled and just a matter of time before the family came to terms with their father's wishes. After talking with Buzz last night she decided that she did need a new car. That would give her something to do to take her mind off Harrison. She did miss him. It seemed they were just getting started when -boom- he was gone.

She had come to terms with her mother. As Buzz said, every one had their skeletons, at least hers weren't hiding in the closet where she lived in dread of someone opening the door at any time. Oh, no, her skeletons were alive, in color, and dancing in public.

Maybe she would invite Buzz for dinner tonight. She could pull out the china and crystal, maybe a candlestick or two and have a nice dinner for the 2 of them. Bunny knew she would enjoy that. Buzz always made her feel so good. Since he no longer worked for the company, any complications had been eliminated. This could be good.

Once in the office, she called Buzz to invite him to dinner. When he didn't answer, she left him a voice mail inviting him to dinner. Meanwhile she planned her menu. It had to be a romantic meal. She knew she could put together a green bean casserole, that was her specialty. There was a recipe in a magazine for a layered bologna casserole she had always wanted to try. She could pick up the few ingredients she needed on her way home. And she would have a special rice dish. Everyone liked RiceARoni. And for dessert, she could make her favorite Twinkie cake.

Bunny was excited. This would be her formal entertaining debut at Ivy Lane. And who better to share it with than Buzz. She made a list of everything she needed to get.

Just before noon, Mr. Sweeny called. "Bunny, I'm afraid I do not have good news. The family has filed another complaint contesting the Will."

"Now what?"

"They now say, 'The family questions their father, Harrison Wells', mental health and his ability to make sound decisions. His being seen in public with Miss Bunny Vontese, a good person, but not of his standing brought into doubt his good sense. Had he been himself he would have never been keeping company with a woman who did not know how to dress, was not a member of the Junior League, The Grand Assembly, or the Grand Gallagher Ladies Club. In addition she was not only the daughter of a prostitute, but came from a family line of prostitutes.' and it goes on."

"How can they say that?"

"Oh, they can say anything. We just need to have witnesses who will attest to Harrison's good mental health. But we have time for that. I'll let you know what is going on."

Bunny left the office early so she could get everything ready for dinner. Buzz had called her back and said he would be there at 7:30. She stopped by the store, got everything she needed, and headed home. The casserole was no problem. The layered bologna casserole took a little more time than she thought it would, but she was able to get it done. The RiceARoni was no problem.

She found a table cloth for the dining room table, as well as dinner plates, and crystal. She had bought a bottle of Pink Chablis wine. The color would compliment the bologna very well.  After looking at the crystal she could not figure out which of the 4 types of glasses were for wine or which were for iced tea. Instead of embarrassing herself she went back to the kitchen and got plain glasses from the cabinet. Even though they did not match, she they were both wine glasses. The tea glasses she found did match. The only thing she could find for the candles were the 2 very large candelabras that sat on the buffet. She moved to the dining room table. 

Finally it was all set. She went upstairs and changed her clothes. By the time Buzz arrived, Bunny had had 2 glasses of wine and was feeling very well. The dinner went well, although she noticed Buzz didn't eat as much as she thought he would. They talked for a while and he left fairly early. She was so tired or drunk, that she went to bed and left everything out. She would deal with it later.

Morning was not kind to Bunny. Her head hurt. Her mouth felt like she had eaten cotton. Worse yet, she could not remember too much about the night before. Maybe it was best that way. It took her a while to clean up from the night before.

As soon as she walked in the door, Della told her she needed to call Mr. Sweeny.

"Bunny, I need you down here now. It seems that the girls' attorney has scheduled a hearing on this case this morning. I'll fill you in when you get here."

This was the last thing she wanted to do this morning but she had no choice. When she walked into his office, Mr. Sweeny asked,"Bunny who are a few people you can get in here this morning as character witnesses for you. You know, friends who will testify that you are a good and sound minded person."

Bunny thought. Who really knew her and would speak well about her? She would get Wade and, maybe Buzz. That would do. She told Mr. Sweeny who she had in mind and he made the calls.

The hearing was scheduled for 11 that morning. Mr. Sweeny and his crew were in the courtroom before 11. It wasn't long before Belva, Liza, and their attorneys entered the room. The Judge started the hearing on time. He read the complaint and asked if either party had anything to add. Neither did at that time.

Mr. Sweeny called Buzz to the stand to testify to Bunny's good character. "Buzz, please state your legal name."

"Gerald George Jackson."

He went on to ask him about his job, how he knew Bunny, etc. Buzz went on about how capable she was at her job, how she was talented and could multi-task. He continued about her warm personality, how genuine she was, and her honesty. Mr. Sweeny asked him a couple of questions. Then he turned it over to the girls' attorney.

Mr. Todd, the main attorney, stood up and approached Buzz. "Mr. Jackson, can you describe your relationship with Miss Vontese?"

"Well she was my manager at the rental company until this week when I started another job. I would say we are good friends."

"Tell me, have you ever been to Ivy Lane?"

"Yes sir. Miss Vontese invited me out there."

"I think she invited you out there twice for dinner, if I am correct?'

"Yes, I think that is right."

"So you were just there having a meal with a friend?"

"Of course."

"Then can you explain the formal candle light dinner you enjoyed with her last night?"

Mr. Sweeny stood up in objection. Mr. Todd assured the judge that this was going somewhere. The judge allowed him to continue.

Buzz answered,"It was a nice dinner."

"Mr. Jackson, would you say that you and Miss Vontese are maybe more than friends."

"I would say we are good friends. We have just started spending time together."

"Mr. Jackson, your father is Reginald Beauregard Jackson Jr., is that correct?"

Mr. Sweeny stood up,"Judge where is this going."

Once again Mr. Todd assured the judge there was a point. The judge allowed him to continue but warned him to wrap it up.

"Mr. Jackson, you were not raised by your father were you?"

"No sir, I did not know who my father was until I was 16 years old."

"And your mother? Who is she?"

"I never knew who my birth mother was. The Tomkins raised me. As far as I'm concerned, Mrs. Tomkins is my mother."

"Mr. Jackson," the attorney said,"I have a piece of paper here that is your birth certificate and it states that your birth mother is Mrs. Anna Belle Vontese. Were you aware of that?"

There was a sound of surprise from the gallery. Bunny just sat there stunned. Buzz wasn't sure what to do. The judge had to call the courtroom back to order.

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