Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Fire and Roses

Monday morning Q.G. Hampton Rentals and Housing was as busy as usual. To make it more entertaining the fire department awoke Bunny at 4 am to tell her that a unit at 112 Oak was on fire. She got dressed and hurried over there only to find that Terse had managed to somehow catch something on fire in the microwave that quickly spread to the rug then the sofa.  It did not take long before his entire unit was gone. The fire chief said that, luckily, the damage was contained to this one unit. There was no other damage to the building or even the other unit on the 5th floor which happened to be Wade's. Luckily Wade was not at his apartment Sunday evening.

Terse was very limited on the details of what he was trying to cook in the microwave and why everything burned so quickly. But everyone was glad no one was hurt. It could have been so much worse. Maisy had taken Terse over to her place so he could get cleaned up and get some rest. Apparently she did his laundry so she had some of his clothes.

'Miss' Ethel showed up at the office early to make sure everything was OK with Terse and get the details. She said she had garden club later that morning. She knew they would be depending on her to have the facts. While Della was filling her in with everything she knew, Wade came through the door. "What the hell happened over there?"

Bunny came out of her office,"All I know is the fire department called me at 4 this morning, told me there was a fire, and they needed me over there. I was just glad no one was hurt and the damage was limited."

"But what happened?"

"Something about a microwave."

"Yeah right. You're telling me that our Reginald Beauregard Jackson III would be using a microwave. I'm surprised he didn't think it was a glass fronted pie safe."

"Well if you have questions, the fire marshal said he could open an investigation. But he felt that was not something you wanted him to do."

"Well, he's right about that. Ladies, I leave it to you."

The phones were ringing. Half were legitimate business calls, the rest inquiries about the fire. When things settled down, Bunny could not wait to ask Della all about her night with Sam. But Della was not telling much. Bunny figured nature must have won out. She knew those too were no match.

"Well", Bunny said, "I had brunch at Ivy Lane yesterday."

"Well, aren't you special!" Della said in a sarcastic tone that Bunny failed to pick up.

"Oh Della it was wonderful. And he wants to see more of me. I was thinking the Grand Assembly Debutante Ball is next month. His family is a member, I just know he'll ask me. Oh, what will I wear. My Mama will just die of envy."

Just then the door opened and Tim, the delivery man for Lavenia's House of Lilies and Lavender, walked in with a vase full of yellow roses. Bunny's hands went to her mouth in total joy. "Oh, I knew he was a gentleman. Della, I told you Harrison really cared about me."

Sam put the dozen roses on Della's desk. "Miss Della these are for you. Can you sign for them."

Bunny was speechless as Della opened the card,"To my yellow rose of Texas, thanks for a wonderful evening."

"Well that's a first. No one has ever sent me a dozen yellow roses before. They are lovely. Did you know the yellow rose was the state flower of Texas?"

Bunny did not know and did not care. How could this be happening?  She had never had a dozen roses, much less yellow ones. "They are pretty," she said trying to sound happy, "but I have to get some work done."

At her desk Bunny comforted herself, who needs roses when you could attend the Grand Ball. Her phone rang and it was her Mama.

"Bunny, I don't want you to get your feelings hurt over Harrison. Even though he asked you out for Saturday . He is a true gentleman. You do realize that was a favor he was doing for me. Otherwise, he would never had known you existed. "

"Did you setup brunch at Ivy Lane Sunday also?

"Why no."

"Well it was divine, just the two of us. And now it looks like your daughter will be attending the Grand Assembly Debutante Ball next month. How can I thank you enough." Bunny added smugly.

Anna Belle asked carefully," He has already asked you?"

"Well, no, but he wants to see more of me and who else would he ask? Is he seeing anyone else?"

"No, not that I know of."

"Well for God's sake Mama, for once don't make my life miserable."

They ended their conversation and Bunny went back to working on the rental agreement for the cute couple she showed several places to Sunday afternoon. They chose a nice duplex and would be moving in the first of the month. After she finished she started searching for a ball gown on the internet. She wasn't sure what kind she wanted. Some were flattering and very sexy. Others looked very southern with a wide floor length skirt filled with crinoline. Then there was the color? Blue looked good on her but black looked chic. White was not a good color on her . . . she would find something later.

But she did need him to ask her, even though she knew he would.

Her thought was interrupted by, " 'Morning Miss Bunny," as Mike walked into Bunny's office. "I was just passing by and thought I would stop by. You free for lunch?"

Almost saying 'yes' out of habit, she caught herself. "No Mike, I'm sorry I need to run home and get some things done at the house. But I appreciate the invitation."

"I'll give you a rain check," Mike said with a wink and walked out. "Mighty fine roses 'Miss Della', someone must fancy you." He said as he left the office. Bunny just dropped her head on her desk, what dear Lord she do to get herself in this mess.

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