Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dinner at Ed's

Harrison picked Bunny up Sunday evening. The weather was so nice they walked to Ed's. Bunny enjoyed the walk because it gave her and Harrison time to talk alone. She could not help but notice how good looking he was. She felt so comfortable with him. He could be it, never mind the age difference.

As they walked into Ed's, both were surprised at the crowd. There was no place to sit. As they looked around they saw Parker Dueise and Bob Maybank at a table for four. When Parker saw Harrison, he motioned him over and offered them seats. "Have a seat. Join us. We are almost finished here. We can visit until then, when we leave you can have the table."

"Squatter's rite's," laughed Harrison.

Conversation among the 4 of them was light. Then Parker looked at Bunny, "I don't think they serve Mai Tai's here, wine or beer will have to do," he said with a wink.

Bunny blushed. Harrison looked at the two of them. "Obviously this is an inside joke but since you brought it up Parker, spill!"

Bunny wanted to crawl under the table. Parker told the story of his encounter with Bunny at Dot's. His version was very amusing at Bunny's expense. But he did not bring up anything that would embarrass her. Bob looked at her and howled, "Basically you were drunk and tried to pick up Parker?"

Bunny stammered,"Well not exactly."

Harrison saved her, "Whatever, thank God y'all are gay, otherwise I may not have had a shot at this lovely lady." He looked at Bunny and reached for her hand.

"Yeah, you and me both. We would both be out of luck," said Bob.

Bunny thought, what gentlemen, who would take her very embarrassing moment and make it sound funny, even endearing.

Soon Bob and Parker had finished and had another glass of wine with Bunny and Harrison. They left and Bunny and Harrison had the table to themselves. They ordered dinner and continued talking. "Oh," Harrison said,"I do have something to tell you. Next weekend is my grandson Wells' 6th birthday and I want you to come out to Ivy Lane. We're having a birthday party for him. It will give you a chance to meet the girls, Aunt Cordelia, and some of the other family. I'll get Belva to send you an invitation. That will give you all the details. It is sometime after lunch but I'm not exactly sure when."

He paused. "You will come won't you?"

Bunny smiled, "How nice? Well certainly, I'll look forward to it."

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