Tuesday, August 22, 2017

If No One Knows, Is It Really True

"Bunny, what I am trying to say is, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. And while, if I had planned this better it would have been in a romantic place and I would have a ring for you. But it's not. Bunny Vontese, will you marry me?"

Bunny was stunned. She just sat there, speachless.

Harrison asked, "Bunny are you OK?"

"Yes," Bunny said.

"Yes, you're OK or yes, you'll marry me?"

"Both, of course."

The rest of lunch was just sweet nothings between them. Bunny just knew she was going to awake in her bed at home only to realize it was just a cruel dream.

After a long lunch she returned to her office. It was locked. Only then did she remember Della had taken the afternoon off. Who could she tell? She tried calling a couple friends but they were not answering their phones. She called Della, but no answer. She could not even reach her mother.

This was better than the Ball. Take this Tula! How do you like me now? For the rest of the afternoon, no one called or came in the office. She thought she would bust

Finally the phone rang.  It was the Sheriff,  "Bunny you probably need to get over here."

"Where is 'here'?"

"At Sam's."

She drove over and found several plain unmarked sedans she did not recognize. There were men walking around in FBI jackets. She was surprised when one of those FBI men turned around and it was Sam.

Before she could say anything about her good news, he said, "Sorry Bunny, I just couldn't tell you until now."

"Does Della know?"

"Not yet, but I'm going to tell her as soon as I can get her on the phone."

The Sheriff came over.  "Looks like this was all for nothing ."

"You're kidding," said Sam.

"Nope, no drugs here - just cigars,  Cuban  cigars."

Bunny asked, "Aren't those illegal?"

"Not anymore since relations have warmed between the two countries, " said the Sheriff.

Chief Pyre, who was standing close by added, "Thank God, because no one makes a finer cigar."

Sam and the Sheriff looked at the Chief who just responded, "Well they do!"

"What about the drug results you found at Terse's apartment?" asked Bunny.

"Well we circulated that rumor to see what would crawl out of the wood work."

"So Terse had nothing to do with this?"

"Oh, no, he was the ring leader. But no one broke any laws."

As everyone was leaving, Chief Pyre stopped Bunny. "You understand why we handled it this way. The feds just do things differently."

"Oh, I've seen those crime TV shows, I know how this works," said Bunny.

She turned to find Sam. At least she could tell him her good news but he was gone. Phooey, she thought, no one is ever going to know. She had left her phone in her car. There was a message from Harrison saying he loved her and enjoyed lunch and looked forward to so many more. Her heart fluttered, this was her future.

On the way home she tried to think of someone else she could call. Never mind that, she could spend the evening online looking at wedding dresses. Maybe he could take her to the Ball afterall since they were engaged. She couldn't wait to see the ring he was going to get her.

The next morning when she got to work, she walked in on a cloud. "Oh, Della you'll never guess what happened last night?"

Della looked surprised, "Is this about Harrison?"

"Yes, yes, it's about Harrison.Wait, why are you looking at me like that?"

Della said slowly, "Bunny, no one told you?"

"Told me what?"

"That Harrison had a massive heart attack. Bunny, Harrison is dead."

Bunny sat down slowly in a chair. "That just can't be. I had lunch with him yesterday and he asked me to marry him."

"Oh, Bunny, I am so sorry."

Bunny looked stunned.

Della looked surprised,"He asked you to marry you?"

"Yes, yesterday at lunch. I tried to call to tell you but you didn't answer."

As if on cue Anna Belle called, "Oh Bunny, I just heard that Harrison has passed. I am so sorry. That was most likely your last chance for happiness, given your age and such."

"Mama he asked me to marry him yesterday."

"But, you didn't call me."

"Mama you didn't answer."

"Now, Bunny, I know you were in love with him and I'm sure he was fond of you, but perhaps you were a little carried away and misunderstood the conversation. Harrison Wells would have never asked you to marry him. Why he wouldn't even ask you to the Ball, much less your hand in marriage. Please don't spread that rumor. Everyone in town would feel even more sorry for you than they already do."


"Well it would reflect badly on the family, that's all I'm saying."

Bunny hung up on her.

"Della, I'm going to Ivy Lane. I just feel I need to."

"Are you sure that's the best thing for you to do?"

"Of course, after all I was his fiance."

"Well, for less than 24 hours, and no one else knew," Della said hoping she could dissuade Bunny. But it was to no avail.

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