Thursday, August 31, 2017

Love Thy Brother

"So Mr. Jackson, what kind of character would you say Miss Vontese has if she has romantic feelings for you - her half brother. Here in Alabama we call that incest - which is against the law. Do you really think someone of her character, or lack there of, would be what Mr. Harrison Wells would choose if he had been in his right mind?"

Mr. Sweeny objected. "This is nothing but a trick. Of course my client would never commit incest if she knew the truth. Obviously she was not aware of this. Her not knowing about Mr. Jackson's lineage is not a character flaw."

Mr. Todd responded,"That doesn't matter. It shows a lack of breeding. Given this, what else do we not know about?"

Once again the judge had to call the courtroom back into order. "Counselors, remember why we are here. Now let's continue and try to stay on track, please."

"Mr. Jackson you had no idea who your birth mother was?"

"No sir, obviously not."

Bunny was starting to whimper. Mr. Sweeny handed her a tissue and told her to get a hold of herself.

Mr. Todd continued, "I find that hard to believe given the reputation of Miss Vontese's mother, her history with your father, and the situation of your birth. You're telling me you never wondered?"

The Judge pounded his gavel on the bench. "Mr. Todd that is enough. This is not an arena to embarrass Mr. Jackson or Miss Vontese. I do not see how this is relevant here. 

After reviewing this case, I find there no reason to question Mr. Wells' mental capacity. He sought counsel from his attorneys and his financial advisers. It was publicly known that he cared for Miss Vontese. We have heard testimony in this courtroom today to that truth. That was a matter of the heart. Contrary to popular belief, everyone in this town does not pick and choose their friends according to their social standing. I understand a family not agreeing with their father's wishes. However, having read the complaint, heard the testimony, and reviewed the case, it is my opinion that Mr. Harrison Wells acted in good faith and in sound mind when he planned ihs estate and signed his Last Will and Testament. Therefore I deny this complaint and do not want another baseless claim against this estate filed. Court is dismissed."

Mr. Sweeny walked over and shook the hands of the girls' attorneys, like a decent attorney would do - no hard feelings. Meanwhile Belva and Liza gave Bunny looks that would kill and quickly left the courtroom. Buzz walked over to Bunny. "Honestly, I had no idea. I never thought about it. I loved the Tomkins so much I never wanted to look any further for my birth mother."

Bunny looked up with tears in her eyes, "I'm going to kill my mother!"

They walked out and in the hall Mr. Sweeny told Bunny that this should take care of everything and they could proceed with probating the estate. She thanked him and left. As she walked out of the courthouse there stood Tula. Of all people, the last human being she wanted to see was this woman. She tried to ignore her and kept walking.

"Well, well, well, Anna Belle had another secret. Who would have thought? Well anyone who knows her is probably not surprised with this news. Luckily your father stepped in and saved her honor. Bunny at least you are legitimate, right?" She paused for affect, "Are your sure?"

Bunny just kept on walking. How evil could this woman be? She was the only person on the face of this planet who was more vile and vindictive than her own mother.

Having more fury than she had ever felt in her life, she went straight to her mother's house. She did not even knock, instead she walked straight in. Her mother was surprised to see her, but before she could say anything Bunny started, "I thought you were evil and had made my life miserable, but I had no idea how evil, how heartless, how vile, how trashy you could be. And to think I am your daughter and I have to live with that for the rest of my life. Do not ever call me or try to contact me in any way." Bunny turned around crying and left.

She went straight to her car, not looking back. How could she ever face anyone in this place again? Thinking back on the feelings she had for Buzz she was physically sick. As she started her car, she felt like her life had ended. Then of all things, her car would not start. Her battery was dead. All she could do was hit her forehead on the steering wheel several times. Damn if she was going to ask for help. Instead, she got out of her car and started walking, although she wasn't sure where she was going.

Bunny walked all the way to Ivy Lane. She locked the doors, turned off the lights, and crawled into bed. Maybe Armageddon would occur while she was in bed and she would never have to face another human being. She slept until her phone rang. She answered it half awake, "Yes".

"Bunny." It was Buck. "I am out front, come let me in."

"Why would I do that?"

"Because your soul needs saving. You need to have your soul washed of your sins. According to the Bible..."

Bunny did not let him finish. She hung up. He called back. She turned off her phone and went back to sleep.

She was next awakened by a knock on the front door. She pulled on a terry robe and went down stairs. Her hair was not combed, her face was stained with makeup that had bled with her tears, and she was only half conscious. When she opened the door she found Mike standing there.

"You OK?"

"Why does it matter"

"Well it looks like Jesus is concerned and wants to save your soul."

Bunny just looked at him puzzled.

He continued, "Buck is out at the front of the driveway with a cross and a bull horn shouting to everyone who passes by that God still loves you even though you have sinned by committing incest."

"Dear Jesus!" said Bunny as she let Mike into the house.

"Well if Buck has his way, that is where you will start."

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