Friday, August 18, 2017

Mercy Mercy Marcy

Seeing the lady wearing the large red hat, black gloves and a sleeveless black and white dress enter her office, Bunny stood up and asked,"Can I help you?"

"Oh, I hope so. I was looking for Harrison Wells. Someone said I might find him here."

Bunny looked at her quizzically,"I am afraid not. My guess would be Ivy Lane."

"Well that would be my next stop. By the way I'm Marcella Mae Wells, but everyone calls me Marcy"

Bunny held her hand out," Bunny Beaver, nice to meet you."

Marcy thanked her and left the office.

That evening when Harrison picked her up, Bunny asked him, "Did Marcy find you this afternoon? She was in the office looking for you."

Harrison sighed, "She came to your office? That's odd."

"I thought so, but someone told her she might find you there."

"Well she came out to the house,"

"Oh", said Bunny.

"She's really a dear. You'll love her when you get to know her. She is here for the Grand Assembly Ball."

"The Ball?" asked Bunny.

"Yes,  it's a family affair. I know why Yankees accuse us of marrying our cousins," he laughed.

Bunny looked at him with a questioning look.

"Marcy is my second cousin. It is a tradition that the oldest son escort his second cousin to the Ball. But it's only one night and she is my cousin, so you have nothing to worry about."

Bunny just quietly stammered out, "You always escort your cousin?"

"Oh, Bunny," Harrison laughed. "It's just the way that society has always been. I didn't make the rules. It's just one night. Ready to eat? I'm starved."

Bunny was shocked, Marcy, Harrison's cousin, that's who was going to the Ball. What about my dress? What do I tell everyone?

Suddenly Bunny could feel her diverticulitis acting up, she had a sinus head ache and her left hip was hurting. The world was spinning.

Harrison looked concerned,"Sweet heart, are you OK?"

"Yes, I just felt a little dizzy. My diverticulitis is acting up, I have a sinus head ache and my left hip hurts. But I'm fine now," she changed the subject. "What's the story on Tula?

By this time they were seated at the Starlight Diner. They ordered and Harrison started to tell the tale of Tula.

"Bunny, I think your mother should have told you this. But years ago, long before you were born. Tula was married to your father. They met at college and moved back to Gallagher," he paused and looked at Bunny.

He continued, "As it was, Tula had grand aspirations. She had her eye set on Robert Maybank. It did not matter who knew. She didn't care. Tula left your father high and dry. It would have been humiliating to any man, but not your father. He realized he was not enough for Tula. Tula divorced your father and eventually he met your mother."

Bunny just sat there, "So Tula was married to my father?"

"Yes, then Tula left him. He divorced her and soon married your mother."

"What happened to Tula?"

"Robert dropped her like a hot coal. Of course never wanting to leave anything alone, she wanted William back."

"So that is why Tula doesn't like my mother."

"That would be correct, she blames your mother for turning Beau against her as well as stealing your father."

"But she did neither."

"True but in Tula's world she did both. Tula ended up single and alone in life." Harrison paused and looked at Bunny,"Your father was a fine man. He was well thought of in the community. He and your mother were a good match."

There was silence.

Bunny said, "Go on."

"But things happen, people stray and your mother and Robert Maybank found that they liked each other. They carried on an affair for years. Most people in town knew about it but your father either did not know or would never admit it. To him, you and Anna Belle were the loves of his life - until he died so expectantly early."

Bunny was speechless.

"I don't think your mother ever recovered. She was burdened with guilt and grief."

"I'm confused. My father was married before he married my mother, then she had an affair with Robert Maybank while they were married and he still professed his love for her?"

"I know it sounds crazy but times were different then. It was not unusual for married folk to have dalliances with other people. Granted it was frowned upon, but that never stopped anyone. Tula and your mother were two beautiful women whom men sought for company. Unfortunately, while your mother was gracious and honest, Tula was kuniving and spiteful. She took things personally."

"But that was years ago. My Daddy is dead, Beau Jackson has been married for some time as has Robert Maybank."

"True, but I fear Tula has one last card to play. I don't know what she has but I can assure you it is not pretty. Tula always has an agenda."

"So where does Marcy fit in?"

Surprised at the question, Harrison asked,"Why are you worried about Marcy. She has nothing to do with what I just told you."

"Oh," said Bunny.

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