Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Girls are Not Happy

The morning started with a visit from Terse. "A claims adjuster from Dad's insurance agency is going to come by today to ask some questions about the fire. I guess Dad had renter's insurance or something. I don't know, he just said to tell you."

Bunny assured him they would take care of it and, yes, she was pretty sure it was renter's insurance.

As Terse walked out, Bunny shook her head, would that boy ever grow up. Guess not if Dad did everything for him. That always puzzled Bunny. Everyone liked Beau Jackson, and he did not seem like the type who would baby a son this old. She wondered if Terse had ever had a job.

Terse walked out just as Della walked in. He and Della spoke. When the door closed Della said, 'He is one good looking young man."

Bunny laughed, "He is one clueless young man. If one ever wanted to know how large the gene pool is just look at Terse and Buzz."

Della laughed, "Well that could be nurture versus nature."

"Speaking of a nice looking man, how is George doing?"

Della blushed,"Oh, he is great. I just had no idea he was an FBI agent. That was a surprise."

Bunny laughed and heard her phone ring.

The call was from Anna Belle and the black clouds descended, "Bunny, honey, there is talk in town, and you know how I do not like talk, especially when it is about our family. I heard at Dot's last night that some people actually think you and Harrison were engaged. Honestly, how far are you going to carry on this charade."

"Mama did you hear me last time we talked, Harrison and I were engaged. It's not just talk. It's the truth."

"Bunny just because a gentleman sees you more than 2 or 3 times and pays some attention to you, does not mean you are engaged. You are making a fool out of yourself."

Bunny was livid. "Well, he loved me and all it cost him was love and attention,"

"What are you saying?"

"Don't even start talking about sullying our 'family name'. Apparently I just didn't follow the profession of the women in my family. Granted I have not had many men in my life, but the ones I have had did not have to pay for my services."

With that she hung up not wanting to hear what lie or, worse yet explanation, her mother would give her. Bunny was furious. Starting with the name she was given at birth, to Anna Belle's constant nagging about Bunny's weight, her poor taste, and any other personal trait Anna Belle felt she could use to make Bunny feel inferior. The idea of the social climbing Anna Belle, with her blonde hair, great figure, flawless skin, and chic wardrobe - parading on the edge of society simply by her profession of prostitution made her sick to her stomach. Now she had committed the greatest insult on her daughter - making her the laughing stock of town.

Bunny was sure everyone in town knew except her. How could she ever show her face again. And worse yet, it went back generations. Did everyone in town think she herself was a lady of the night? Once again, Anna Belle had managed the ultimate curse on her daughter. Bunny tried not to tear up. She sat looking out her window. Was her mother oblivious to how she had ruined her daughter's life?

Buzz interrupted her thoughts, "Bunny, you OK?"

Bunny wiped her tears and turned around,"Yes, it's just my mother." She started to ask him if he knew about her family's lineage, but decided not to. Why be unable to face anyone in her office? At least in here she could live in a safe world among friends. Bunny laughed - in her own La la Land.

"OK, just checking. We still on for lunch?"

"Of course."

She and Buzz discussed some things she needed him to check on that day and he left. Bunny knew she could not deal with Mr. Sweeney today. She'd worry about that tomorrow.

Cora Eldridge called to report a problem with their kitchen sink. Bunny told her Buzz and Larry were committed to another project for the day. She would call a plumber and get him over there later that morning. 

"Well we can wait until tomorrow?

"No, I promise I can get it done this morning. We use this plumber a lot."

"How old is he?"

What an odd question Bunny thought. "Well, I don't know. It's a company and I'm not sure which one they will send?"

"Never mind it can wait until tomorrow." With that Cora ended the call.

Bunny shook her head. Where did Wade find these characters? They had been renting from the company much longer than she had been working there. She added the Eldridge's sink to the "Maintenance List". Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard Della say, "Bunny there's a call for you."

"Bunny Vontese."

"Miss Vontese, this is Luther Sweeny. I know I told you not to worry about signing those papers, but I think you need to sign them today."

"Is there a problem?"

"No, well not yet. The girls are not real happy and I fear they may contest the will."

"Can they do that?"

"Oh, they can do it. Whether they can succeed is another story."

Bunny said she would come after lunch. That suited Mr. Sweeney. She decided she still did not want anyone to know about what Harrison left her yet. She could not deal with it. She did wonder if a membership to the Grand Assembly came with the house. Surely it did. 

She left to meet Buzz for lunch. He was waiting for her and was such a gentleman. He stood up and pulled her chair out for her, just like Harrison did. They talked about generic topics. Then Bunny remembered the Elderidges and their kitchen sink. She told Buzz about them waiting until he and Larry could come fix it.

Bunny laughed,"Is there something going on there that I need to know about?" she asked as she took a bite of her burger.

Buzz died laughing. "I can assure you not. Those gnomes alone give me the creeps and while I'm sure those ladies are fine people, personally I find them a little weird."

"Well they must think otherwise," Bunny said. 

They continued a nice lunch. Afterwords, Buzz went back to work and Bunny headed toward Mr. Sweeny's office.

When she arrived, Mr. Sweeny looked anxious. "The daughters' attorney called to give me a heads up. They are definitely going to contest the will."

"What should I do?" Bunny asked.

"Sign these papers, take the keys, and move into Ivy Lane. We need to establish occupancy and ownership. Bunny signed the papers and took the keys. She had not really thought seriously about living there without Harrison.

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