Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Oldest Profession

Bunny was shocked. Parker was telling her that her great grandmother was one of the "ladies" at Idelle Arnell's, and even more shocking that the profession ran in the family. Apparently her mother, the perfect Anna Belle Vontese, was herself making a living in the oldest profession.

"But I don't understand," asked Bunny. "How can she do that and still be any part of Gallagher's society?"

"Because none of the men are going to admit it and none of the women want to think their man would do that kind of thing. So it's mute truce."

"Why I never?"

"But why should you have known, or suspected, or even thought about it. She has always been very discreet and proper."

"Proper!" Bunny yelled,"How in the Hell is one 'proper' selling herself to men."

"It's not like that?"

"How would you know, you're gay?"

"Men talk. Your mother is well thought of. She is held in high esteem. It is more than sex. It is companionship, company, offering an ear to someone whose wife no more listens."

"What difference does it make? A whore is a whore."

"Bunny, don't look at it that way. Most people don't."

"Except jack asses like Jeb."

"Well he is a jack ass and an exception to the rule."

Bunny just shook her head. "Parker thank you for telling me this. I just need to get home. This is too much for me, especially today."

"I understand. And, Bunny," he smiled at her, "I know you made Harrison very happy and I am so sorry about what happened."

"Thanks," said Bunny, really meaning it.

When she got home she put Bootsy in her lap. Great, she thought, my fiancee is dead, no one thinks we were engaged. his family despises me, and now I learn my mother is the town whore. Can it get worse?

Her phone rang and it was Buzz. "I haven't seen you since Harrison died. I am so sorry. I know you loved him and he made you so happy. If there is anything I can do, just let me know."

"Thanks Buzz that is very sweet. I'm OK right now. It hasn't really sank in yet."

"I know we work together and it may not be proper, but would you like to meet for lunch tomorrow?"

Bunny hesitated, was this a concerned friend, someone interested in her, or just Buzz?  Having been lonely since Harrison died, she accepted. They agreed to meet at Eds the following day at noon.

When she hung up the phone, she thought to herself, is everyone's life this screwed up? After today, what else could happen. She knew she would have to confront her mother.  She could not live with herself if she didnt. She still had Harrison's estate to deal with and lovely and evil (almost step) daughters Belva and Liza. Anything else would have to wait. A girl could handle only so much drama in one week. 

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