Wednesday, August 16, 2017

There is More to Tell

Well, thought Bunny - I asked. Aunt Cordelia had given her the information she requested. It just wasn't what she expected. Her question now was, what does Tula want? How would she address this with her mother? She had a lot to think about.

Wednesday morning, Chief Pyre called Bunny before she got to the office. "Can we get the names and whatever background information you have on the other tenants living at 112 Oak Street?" She assured him she would tell Della to get him that information first thing this morning. "No," said the Chief, I need you to get it. I don't want anyone knowing I need it."

"Right," said Bunny remembering that this was a 'secret mission'. "I'll get it together and send it to you later this morning."

While Bunny was pulling the files of the residents of 112 Oak Street and printing the files, her phone rang. It was Anna Belle.

"Good Morning Mama."

"I just wanted to check and see how your day is going. I understand Terse may need a place to live. You have that extra bedroom."

"Mama, I am seeing Harrison. Besides Terse is staying with Maisy Ruth for the time being."

"Well, I was just thinking about this opportunity to offer him some assistance. You know, taking advantage of his unfortunate situation could make him appreciate you. After all, no doubt, he has never really thought about you as .... Well let's just say he probably has never been interested."

"Mama, funny that you would mention  Reginald Beauregard Jackson III. I had a long talk with Miss Cordelia Wells yesterday."

"About what honey?"

"You and Beau and Tula."

"Really," said Anna Belle in a calm voice.

"Yes. Really," said Bunny. "Why have I never heard the story of your summer tryst after high school? Or that you were engaged to Terse's father. Did you think I would never find out? Honestly. Mama, this town keeps secrets about as well as a French whore manages her virginity."

"Bunny, I wish you wouldn't use such language."

"Mama, I wish you would tell me more about all this."

Anna Belle was quiet. "There is nothing else to tell. I'm sure Cordelia told you every detail."

"What about Tula?"

"What about Tula? You know now what Tula did."

"But why is she so intent on asking about you everywhere she goes?"

"I don't know."

"Has she visited you?"

"No, and it would suit me fine for her to take her sorry little butt out of Gallagher and return to where ever she came from."

That was all Bunny could get from her mother, although she knew there was more.

And it wasn't long before she found out.

Bunny ran into Tula on the sidewalk one afternoon. Tula said she had been looking forward to talking with Bunny and was thrilled for their serendipitous meeting.

Bunny just came right out with it,"Tula, what do you want with my mother?"

"I don't want anything with your mother. Why would you say that?"

"Because you have inquired about her any time you have spoken with anyone since you got to town. She hasn't done anything to hurt you. I heard the whole story from your Aunt Cordelia."

"Really? Well I'm afraid not. There is more to tell. And I think someone else should know."

"What are you talking about?"

Tula just smiled, handed Bunny a card and said, "Call me one day when you have plenty of time to talk. My number's on the card." With that she turned and walked away.

Bunny looked at the card. It was an engraved "calling card" with Tula's name on it and her phone number hand written in an elegant script below. But her eye went back to the name on the card, "Tula Wells Vontese."

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