Monday, August 14, 2017

Tula's Revenge

Bunny looked at Cordelia,"Let me guess, she was not pleased."

Cordelia sighed, "That is an understatement."

"Beau walked into his mother's room and she started in a very terse voice, 'What is the story behind this Anna Belle? She is playing the part of a southern lady when apparently she is a gold digging tart with a sordid past. You will not marry her. Do you understand?'

She sighed, 'And to think she was presented at the Camellia Ball - by our family. Dear God, I may never recover from this.' She stared at him. 'If you don't tell her, I will. Although it would be better for everyone's sake if I never see her face again.'

'Mama, I love her and she is a lady. I am an adult and I will marry who ever I want to. You cannot stop me,' Beau said sternly.

'Oh, you think not,' said his mother said holding her own. 'I'll banish you from this house and never speak to you again. I'll make your life miserable.'

She glared at her son, 'I suggest you get your love life straight before you become a social wart who no one wants to touch. In fact I think you should get back on track and start dating Tula Wells immediately.'

'Tula!', Beau said indignantly, 'Not in my lifetime. She is the one who started all this. Anyway, how do you know the story true?'

'It doesn't matter. It has been said and the words cannot be recalled. Her reputation, or what little she had, is gone. Now leave and take care of this mess,' she dismissed him. But before he could turn around she added, 'and I am warning you. Do not marry her. I forbid you to see her again. Just call her and tell her.'

Against his mother's wishes Beau went straight to Anna Belle's house. He begged her to elope with him that night. 'We don't need a fancy wedding. This way no one can stop us.'

But Anna Belle looked straight into his eyes. 'Beau, everything Tula said is true. My reputation is ruined. You cannot marry me. A gentleman of your stature should never be associated with someone like me, let alone wed me. God what does your mother think?'

'She's not happy,' Beau admitted. 'But I don't care about that. I care about you.'

'Beau, I will always love you but this is the end. Go and don't look back. I guess this was meant to be."

'What about you?'

'Beau, don't worry about me, I'll be fine. After all, I have to deal with my mother,' Anna Belle laughed. 'Trust me, I imagine she will be madder than your mother ever thought of." With tears in her eyes, Anna Belle said, "Beau"

Beau turned and walked away with a broken heart. He could not change Anna Belle's mind. However if his mother thought he was going to marry Tula, she had another thing coming. Tula would lucky if he didn't kill her."

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