Sunday, August 20, 2017

White Lies, Poor Taste, and Illegitimate Children.

"It's a long story", Bunny said looking at Della, who for the first time put Harrison's comment together with Bunny's panic.

"Actually, it's a joke," laughed Della. "Someone sent Bunny roses this morning and said they were from you. Tim, the delivery man even commented there was some confusion. Bunny thought it was odd because the card said something about her being 'the belle of the Ball Wednesday evening'. Bunny knew if you sent them, they were not intended for her and just didn't want to embarrass you."

Bunny smiled nervously at Harrison and Della. Running with the story she added,"I've already called Lavinia's and they are sure it was some kind of joke. It wasn't you who ordered the flowers personally, someone else called the order in supposedly for you."

Harrison laughed, "What a story. As long as I did not hurt your feelings. You know I would never do that. In fact look at those roses as my apology for any hurt feelings."

"Oh Harrison, I knew those flowers were not from you when I first read the card."

"Good, now that that is resolved, I want you to come out to Ivy Lane for dinner tonight. I want you to get to know Marcy better. I know you will like her."

Meeting Marcy again was the last thing she wanted to do, but Bunny said, "Oh that would be fun."

"Great, 6:30?"

"I'll see you then."

"Oh and Bunny," Harrison said with a smile, "for God's sake please come up the drive and park by the house this time." He winked and left.

After the door closed, Della looked at her. "Bunny Vontese! There better be a God Damn good story here because I think I just saved your butt! I'm all ears."

Bunny sat down and told the whole mess she had gotten herself into simply because she was so disappointed Harrison wasn't taking her to the Ball. 

"What about the dress? What did you tell Ada?"

"I told Ada that I was going to a big fancy wedding of a girl I knew in college in Montgomery." She sighed, "just like I have told everyone I knew who would not be at the Ball, that I would be at the Ball."

"So everyone else thinks you're going to the ball?" Della shook her. "Honey this glass slipper doesn't fit."

"The worst is that 'Miss' Ella thinks I'm going and she is having lunch with Cordelia as we speak."

"And your mother?"

"Naturally, she is going to the Ball, but she knew about the dress 10 minutes after I left Heddie's."

"Bunny, you've got to get yourself out of this."

"I know, I know. But I wanted to go to that Ball so badly."

"Bunny, get pass that. That horse left the barn. Now you need to muck out that stall."

As she got ready for dinner that night, she was in a quandary over what she should wear. Thinking about what Marcy had on when she came into Bunny's office, she was lost. Nothing in her closet was "chic". Finally she settled on a gold satin skirt and matching lace top with rhinestone sandals.

Soon she was at Ivy Lane. She parked at the house, right next to a bright red new Maserati, needless to say it did not put her Granada in good light. She went to the main door and rang the bell. Harrison answered the door, "You look lovely my dear. Come in." 

She followed him into the kitchen where Marcy stood at the island fixing a salad. "Marcy I think you and Bunny have already met."

"Oh we have. I'm so glad you could join us for dinner. Harrison talks so much about you."

Harrison was at the refrigerator, "Beer? Wine? Water? Ice Tea?"

Seeing they both had a glass of wine, she said, "Wine, please."

"Red or white?"

She thought, what's the difference? "White?"

One more question, "Sweet or dry?"

"You choose." With that she noticed that Harrison was wearing a pair a khaki shorts that were crisply ironed but definitely showed some wear, a tee shirt from last year's bass tournament, and a pair of weejuns. Marcy on the other hand, was barefooted with a pair of pink cropped pants and a sleeveless cotton blouse that she had tied in front at her waist. Oh dear God Bunny thought can I just disappear now? I think I'm a bit over dressed. Rhinestone sandals were a little much.

They sat down at the kitchen table and dined on steaks Harrison had grilled, Marcy's salad, and a wonderful potato dish. Talk among the three of them was comfortable. Well, as comfortable as it could be given Marcy was telling Harrison about her summer plans to stay in the south of France. "And, this fall, I hope to cruise the Rhine. Oh, Harrison, you should come with me. You need some time away from Gallagher and this house." She paused and looked at Bunny. "Oh don't take that the wrong way Bunny I was not insinuating he needed to get away from you."

Harrison looked at Bunny, "She knows  better than that. Besides maybe I could take Bunny on a Rhine cruise. You would enjoy that."

Then Marcy brought up the roses.

They laughed,"Harrison told me the story about the roses."

Bunny smiled, "I should have brought them since they are for you."

"For me?" asked Marcy. "Of all things, I don't think Harrison would have sent me pink roses, maybe dead ones in a dry vase, but never beautiful pink ones." Harrison and Marcy laughed. "The only reason I am attending the Ball with him is family tradition. I think both of us would be excommunicated from the Wells' clan should we not follow protocol."

All three of them laughed.

The evening was fun. Bunny found that Marcy was a lot like Cordelia. She was a pleasant mixture of the old south and a progressive young lady. She never mentioned a man, but Bunny was sure there was at least one there. 

When Harrison walked Bunny to the car, he said, "I hope you liked Marcy. I wanted her to meet you. She is like a sister to me. I know she liked you." He held her chin up,"You see there is a warm side to the Wells family in addition to Aunt Cordelia."

"And you," Bunny said.

When she got in her car, she noticed she had a voice mail on her phone. It was Chief Pyre wanting her to call him as soon as possible. He and the Sheriff needed to talk with her.

When she returned his call, he insisted on the meeting being that night. So she drove to the Sheriffs office. 

"Bunny, what we are going to tell you is in strict confidence. We think we have found sufficient evidence to indite Terse on 4 Felony drug charges. After doing some forensic tests on the remains of his apartment, there was evidence of cocaine - a lot of cocaine." the Sheriff said.

He let that sink in. "The feds think there could have been more than 40 kilos - which is much more than one would keep for their personal use."

Bunny looked confused, "So why do I need to know this?"

Chief Pyre looked at the Sheriff before he spoke, "Because we need to know who else is involved. We need your help." He paused. "We think Buzz may have a part in this."


"Well he was seen going in and out of Terse's place often and sometimes in the evening."

"That's easy - Buzz is our handy man and Terse had issues with his place. Usually problems of his own making, but things that needed to be fixed."

"Bunny, did you know Buzz was Terse's half brother"

"No, I didn't."

"Well we need you to go through the maintenance records for Terse's place over the past two years and make a list of every visit Buzz made, the date and time and reason. And no one, not Della, not Wade, no one is to know about this."

Bunny drove home totally confused. Buzz, Terse's half brother? Terse dealing cocaine? He was always broke, that made no sense.

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