Monday, August 7, 2017

Will this Ever End

After feeling symptom free for a month now, Bunny could feel her throat hurting and her stomach cramping. All she needed now was for her mother to call, or worse yet find out how she dressed for a lawn party.

On a lighter note, Aunt Cordelia was a dear. She was funny, engaging, and seemed very interested in Bunny. It was easy to see she adored Harrison and the feeling was mutual. Perhaps there was an ally among the Wells after all.

By drinking several glasses of wine and trying to concentrate on Harrison, she was making it through this debacle. The only hope was that she would awake in a cold sweat and find that this was a nightmare. It certainly had all the makings of one.

The children came up to the dining area and it was time for cake and presents. The birthday cake was some fondant monstrosity that resembled a race car. As Wells opened his gifts, Bunny was surprised seeing what he had received. He got a new tablet, an upgraded mobile phone, an Apple Smartwatch, two   32 inch monitors for his laptop, and 2 Blue Ray copies of the newest action movies. She almost hoped her present had gotten lost in the pile.

But, alas her wish was not granted. Liza reached down and handed it to Wells'. "You have one more."

"This looks like that 2 way radio set I wanted." He tore into the paper that was decorated with the characters from Disney's movie "Cars". When he saw what it was, he pulled the Superman out of the box. "It's not the radio set," he said dismissively. He moved on to play with his other gifts. The Superman lay on the grass looking about as helpless as Bunny felt..

Aunt Cordelia, who was sitting behind Bunny, leaned forward and whispered, "Good job! That's the only decent gift he received. After all he is only 6 years old for God's sake."

Bunny whispered back, "Thanks."

It wasn't long before Bunny felt it was time to go. She touched Harrison's elbow and quietly told him. "Not yet," he said. "I thought we could all visit after the crowd goes home."

"I think you need to spend time with your family, alone. Call me Monday." she turned.

He grabbed her arm, turned her around and kissed her - in front of God and everyone. "I'll walk you to your car."

"Thanks, but that's not necessary. Please tell your daughter Belva that it was a wonderful party and I appreciate being invited."

"Where did you park?"

"Just outside the gate. I figured the drive would be full."

Harrison smiled. "There's always room in the arbor."

She smiled and turned toward the drive.. She had not walked  5 feet before she about ran into an older lady she did not know. The lady was in her 60's or 70's,very well dressed (like everyone else at the party), and looking straight at Bunny.

"You must be Bunny, Anna Belle's daughter."

"I am., and you are . .  .?

"Tula, Tula Latrelle. I'm an old friend of your mother's. Please tell her I asked about her. Tell her you talked with Tula. I'll be by to see her before I leave town."

Bunny assured her she would and continued on her way.  Feeling Tula's stare on her back until she was out of the gates. Finally she reached the street and could breathe.  She felt as if she had been holding her breath for the past several hours.

Wait, where was her car? She looked to the right and left  - no car. She looked across the street - no car. Then she noticed, for the first time, the "No Parking" signs. "All cars will be towed at the owner's expense."

"Damn," said Bunny, "can today get any better?"

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