Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Yes, It is All True

Against his mother's wishes Beau went straight to Anna Belle's house. He begged her to elope with him that night. "We don't need a fancy wedding. This way no one can stop us."

But Anna Belle looked straight into his eyes. "Beau, everything Tula said is true. My reputation is ruined. You cannot marry me. A gentleman of your stature should never be associated with someone like me, let alone wed. God what will your mother think."

"She's not happy," Beau admitted. "But I don't care about that. I care about you."

"Beau, I love will always love you but this is the end. Go and don't look back. I guess this was meant to be."

"What about you?"

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. After all I have to deal with my mother." She laughed. Trust me, I imagine she will madder than your mother ever thought of."

Beau turned and walked away with a broken heart. He could not change Anna Belle's mind. If his mother thought he was going to marry Tula, she had another thing coming. Tula would lucky if he didn't kill her."

Beau shortly made it clear to Tula, he had no intention of marrying of her. He made sure she understand that he could never forgive her for what she did to Anna Belle, but more than that, he had never had any plans to marry her."

And what about my Mama?" Bunny asked Aunt Cordelia.

In a very sweet calm voice, Aunt Cordelia said,"Anna Belle took the high road. She went back home, got a job at the bank, and eventually met your father."

"Yes," and,"Beau eventually met Blanche Dueise and they married," added Bunny.

"That's right. Life goes one."

"Wow. Aunt Cordelia. I cannot thank you enough for shining light on this mystery. But, it just brings up so many other questions."

"Now dear, we can only handle things as they come along. You do not need to scratch any wounds from the past. This has all been settled down for a while."

"That was until Tula came back to town."

"Well, there is that," laughed Aunt Cordelia. "But if skeletons are going to come out of the closet,  for goodness sake, let Tula open the door."

Bunny smiled. They talked for a while before Bunny said she had to go.

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