Thursday, September 7, 2017

An Unexpected Pirate's Treasure

Before Bunny saw Mr. Sweeny, she called Mike to make sure he had not seen any other 'visitors' at Ivy Lane. He wasn't there so she left a message for him to call her back.

Bunny thought about visiting her mother, even though she swore she would never talk to her again-ever. She was still a little curious about her new house. Her phone rang to interrupt her thoughts. It was Sam Peterson. "Haven't talked with you in awhile. Heard Mike took care of your little problem ."

Bunny laughed. "Well thanks to Mike it wasn't a big problem."

"Well, on another topic, I just wanted to know if you had visited your mother's new house yet?"

"No, not yet. But funny you would ask. I was just thinking about do that."

"If you do, let me know."

"Why would you care?

"It's not that I care, I'm just curious why she moved into town. Although I will admit it is a lovely house." Sam paused, "Hey I heard you had someone special in your life?"

Bunny giggled,"I do. He is cute and thoughtful and nice. He even sent me flowers today apologizing for two dates he had to break."

"You must love him to put up with two broken dates."

"Well, he said there were meetings he could not get out of."

"We all are busy."

"What were your plans?"

"Last night we were going to dinner and this afternoon we were supposed to go to the Botanical Gardens in Mobile."

"Well he sounds like a great guy. I hope this is long term."

"So do I. If I go to Mama's, I'll give you a call."

"Thanks Bunny," and with that he rang off.

It was time for her to head off to Mr. Sweeny's office. When she got there he offered her a cup of coffee and then said,"Bunny, we found something of Harrison's we did not know about. There was a note with it that said,'This goes with the house, but one piece should go to each of my daughters.  It is up to Bunny Vontese to select which pieces they get. I trust she will use her discretion and these should be the pieces as she see fits.' "

"What was in the box?"

"Follow me."

Bunny followed him into a conference room. On the round solid cherry table in the middle of the room, there was a box and on the table there were jewels. Necklaces, broaches, rings, bracelets. They sparkled with the emeralds, diamonds, and sapphires, embedded in them. There were also some of the prettiest pearl necklaces Bunny had ever seen.

"These are all yours," Luther said, "in accordance with Luther's wishes. You just need to choose one piece for Belva and one for Liza. My advice, not that you have asked for it, would to be to choose the 2 pieces, bring them here and I will distribute them to the girls."

"Won't they ask where the rest of the jewelry is?"

"Oh, they may. But I will say,' They were distributed as your father wished,' and leave it at that. Bunny just keep it simple. Choose the 2 pieces and enjoy the rest. Harrison wanted you to enjoy your life, even if he could not be a part of it.

"What do I do with this?" she said pointing to the table.

"Take the them home. Keep them in your closet. You need to get a safe installed somewhere in your house."

"I don't know what to say."

"There is nothing to say. Call me if you need me." With that, Luther helped her put the jewelry back in the box. She thanked him and left.

She locked the box in the trunk of her car and went back to work. 'Wow', she thought,'I never knew the jewelry existed. I've never seen such beautiful things.' Once again Harrison had surprised her.

By this hour, it was time to gather her things and head home. She had a lot to consider. But, thinking about it, there was no time pressure. When she got in her car, she decided she would visit her mother. Not out love or to seek comfort. This was simply a matter of curiosity.

The Hunnicutt house was really pretty and she had to give her mother credit, she had done a great job fixing it up. When she walked on the porch, she could hear music and talking. Her mother must be having a party. She considered going back to her car, but she didn't.

When her mother answered the door, she was wearing a lovely outfit, with her hair perfectly coiffed, and her makeup flawlessly applied. "Bunny! What a surprise."

"If you are having a party, I can come another time."

"No, it's not a party. I'm just entertaining. Come on in."

'What is the difference between a party and entertaining?' ran through Bunny's mind.

Bunny walked into an elegant hallway that was decorated with red damask wallpaper. In the living room  to the left there was nice card solid wood table where several men and women were playing cards. To her left she saw a solid oak full bar, complete with bartender, dressed the part.

In front of her she could not help but notice a lovely blonde in a caftan walking down the steps followed by George Butler. She realized it was Wade at the card table and Haynes Duiese over at the fireplace talking with a cute redhead, also wearing a caftan. This was an odd party. She wondered what was upstairs.

Feeling somewhat uncomfortable, Bunny excused herself and walked out the door. When she got in her car, Bunny just shook her head. Anna Belle was hard to figure out. Maybe she had invited over some friends to celebrate her new house. Then it dawned on her, she had never thought about inviting a small group over to Ivy Lane for cocktails. Maybe she could do that.

Mike called her on the way home, "Bunny, if you have time. can you stop by my office?"


"If possible."

Bunny said she could and she drove over there. When she walked into Mike's office, the Sheriff and Sam Peterson were waiting there. Mike said, "Bunny you may want to sit down, we have some questions for you." With that the 3 gentlemen joined her at the table.

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