Wednesday, September 6, 2017

As A Friend, I Thought You Should Know.

The following morning at work, Della said "Sam called."

"Your Sam or my Sam," asked Bunny.

Della laughed, "No, my Sam. He told me about what happened at your house. You didn't tell me about Belva and Liza? Wow!"

"I just didn't want to make a big deal out of it. I really want all this drama to go away. If I could just go home every afternoon and know that I was going to enjoy a calm evening, I would be happy."

"By the way, how is 'your' Sam."

"Just wonderful. I think I'm in love."

Before Bunny could say anything else her phone rang. She stepped into her office to take the call. It was Buzz. "Just thought, I'd give you a head's up. Anna Belle is moving."

"Hallelujah, there is a God."

"Not so fast. She has purchased the Hunnicutt house in town."

"The huge Victorian mansion? What is she going to do there? That house has what, 5 bedrooms?"

"Well seems she has 3 voluptuous young ladies who will be living with her."

"She's taking in boarders now?"

"Something like that."

"That woman never ceases to amaze me."

"Just thought you would want to know."

"Well, we are not speaking so it really doesn't matter."

Buzz rang off and Bunny went to work. She got a text from Sam telling her he would have cancel their dinner the following night. Something had come up that afternoon that he could not get out of. She was disappointed but understood he was a busy man. Besides she was taking an afternoon off later that week Sam wanted to take her to the Mobile Botanical Gardens.

Mike stuck his head in her office. "Hey did you know your mother was moving downtown?"

"So I heard. Buzz told me she had women moving in with her."

"You know anything about them?"

"Mike, I'm not even speaking to my mother these days."

He said goodbye and left, just as Wade walked in, "Bunny, I see Anna Belle is moving downtown."

"Why is this such a big deal? So what?"

Wade just laughed, went to Della's desk and asked she knew where Larry was. They spoke for while, then Wade left.

Bunny left to go to the bank. She turned the corner only to see Tula walking toward her. "Well, Bunny, I imagine you are thrilled with your trap that caught Belva and Liza. But don't you think it should be against the law to get your own things." Tula stopped talking and stepped back, "Is that Mary's dress you have on? Have you no shame? But I guess not. Apples do not fall far from the tree." With that Tula kept on walking.

God, will she ever go away, Bunny thought. She made her way to the bank expecting Tula to be behind every door and around that corner. But Tula was no where around.

The next morning Sam called Bunny. "I don't have a lot of time, but I'm sorry I cannot make our date this afternoon. I promise I'll make it up to you." 

Bunny told him she understood (although she didn't) and to call when he had a chance.  She decided to work that afternoon, saving her vacation for another time. 

On her way in to the office, she decided to drive by the old Hunnicutt house. What was all the hoopla about it? The house was freshly painted a pale yellow. The yard was perfectly manicured with blooming flowers in the beds. 

Whatever, thought Bunny - Daddy's insurance is 'well' spent once again. What would he think about Anna Belle now?

Buzz called, "How are you?"

"Not great."

"I'm sorry. I just heard about Belva and Liza. I had no idea even they would do that. Did you get everything back?"

"I think so."

They talked for some time about various things. When Bunny got back to her desk she told him she had to go work. They rung off.

When she got to her desk she found a note from Mike. She called himback. "What's up?

"Thought you would be interested that Anna Belle has applied for a liquor license. "

"I didn't know you had to have a license for an afternoon glass of wine in your house?

"You don't ."

"Mike, how does this pertain to me?"

"It doesn't really.  But as a friend, I just thought you should know."

They hung up and Bunny got back  to work

Della called Bunny into her office. There was a vase of beautiful flowers on her desk.

"They are beautiful." said Bunny.

"Yes they are."

"They're from Sam, your Sam."

Given the last 2 phone calls from Sam, she was thrilled to get these flowers - and surprised. She opened the card,"Bunny, my dear, I miss you and cannot wait to see you again. With Love, Sam." 

Luther Sweeny called. What can this be about thought Bunny?

"Bunny, do you have some time this afternoon to by my office."

"Is something wrong?"

"We'll talk when you get here."

They decided on 3 that afternoon and hung up. What the heck can this be all about?

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