Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Bunny Reinvents Herself

When she got home, Bunny crawled onto the sofa with Bootsy and her new book, 'Secrets to Remaking Yourself into A Beautiful and Confident Lady'. Opening this book would be the beginning of the new Bunny. She was open to suggestions to make her more confident and stylish. 

The first suggestion:
  • Throw out of your old make up
This would not be difficult. She did have many half used eye shadow palettes, broken eye liner pencil, tubes of blush and tubes of old lipstick. She would take care of that tonight. She needed new make up anyway. The old pancake she used was no longer the best color.
  • Buy new accessories, new jewelry always accentuates an outfit, whether it is blue jeans or a formal affair
Bunny loved baubles and beads. Now she had Mary's jewelry. There were pieces there to match every outfit, no matter the color. She could get some new bags and belts. This would be fun.
  • Get some fake tattoos
This probably was not going to happen. What if they didn't wash off? The last thing she needed was a green heart on her left arm that said, 'Mom". She did not care for tattoos anyway.
  • Change the part in your hair
Bunny laughed, what if you didn't have a part in your hair? Her bouffant style, with her boxed blonde hair carefully teased to its fullest, had all the flair of a beauty queen from Texas in the '60's. Bunny had been doing her hair in that style so long she wouldn't have a clue how to do it in any other way. She had read years ago that 'big' hair was the true sign of style.
  • Wear red lipstick
Check that one off. Bunny would not be caught dead without bright red lipstick. She had worn Revlon's 'Red Hot Passion' since high school - every day.
  • Choose a Wardrobe that fits your personality
This was a suggestion Bunny had to think about. She was always trying to dress like someone else. Reading the chapter on dressing, boosted her confidence. 'Dress like yourself. Let your personality shine. Wear what is most comfortable to you. Don't try to impress anyone else. If you are comfortable, your confidence will sore'. Suddenly she realized that she needed to be herself. She had good taste. From now on she would dress the way she wanted to.

  • Don't forget the hair spray a droopy do does not work
Well hallelujah! They were speaking her music. There was no such thing as too much hair spray. And the old kind in the large aerosol cans was the best.  

Now Bunny was ready to take on the world. She marked the places in the book she wanted to go back and read again. This little book had boosted her confidence. For once she realized maybe everyone else wasn't necessarily right. 

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