Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Emily Post and the Secrets of a Makeover

The one lesson Bunny learned from her recent little episode of unpleasantness was that she needed to improve herself. She was educated but did not really spend the time and effort to learn anything. She went to what was often referred to as a "Southern Finishing School" where young ladies refined their social skills, made important connections with those from the more prominent families, and most importantly, worked on their 'Mrs' s. Much to Anna Belle's horror Bunny achieved none of those.

Bunny had found that she was good with numbers, management of the rental agency, and working with potential customers. (A true idiot savant.) Wade Gallagher had seen that talent early on and given a job in the rental agency. Other wise she could only pray to aspire for decent job at the Blue Point Pen Factory.  When the business grew and expanded into other things, Wade promoted her to manager, a decision he never regretted.

Since there are no secrets in a southern town, Bunny seemed to be the only not in on the know of most things. Her dating Harrison had been a surprise to those in town. But Harrison seemed happy so let it be. Of course there were the rumors she was with him for the money and he had died in the midst of passionate love making. Not to be involved Bunny left the house, and others found him. But certainly just a rumor. People will talk.

Early on Bunny just wanted to please Anna Belle who had not hidden the disappointment she had in her daughter. But that changed when she learned of her mother's sultry past, and current career. Her first marriage had been a nightmare - twice. Clearly the Lord did not provide. Her only child, her daughter, had written her off, saying she never wanted to see Bunny again and moved west to take some high powered tech job.

Bunny decided it was time to start acting like a true lady. She remembered from her childhood, the manners and traditions of her Grandmother, her Great Aunt Brunilda, and her mother. She needed calling cards, note cards, and stationary. Bunny was certain Annalu's Notes, Letters, and Fine Papers would have what she needed.      
Dressing was a whole different issue, Bunny just did not get it. All the 'fashion' magazines she read talked about the Kardashian girls being the best dressed ever. But when she tried to follow their fashion, it didn't work as well. She was certain that a closet full of Mary Wells' fine clothes would solve the problem, but that too did not seem to impress anyone.

When she went to the stationary shop Annalu was most helpful. Bunny told her she wanted to get the most formal cards, the same ones the prominent women in town use. But these would be personal so there was no point in putting her work phone on them.

Annalu carefully said. "Bunny, a lady's formal calling card simply has her name on it."

Bunny replied,"So Bunny Vontese".

Annalu cleared her throat, "No, since you were married, I think your cards would read,'Mrs. Brunilda Vontese Beaver'."

But I have been divorced from Buck for years and I never use the name 'Brunilda' ".

"Bunny, that is the proper way it is done."

"OK, if you say so."

Annalu showed her different types of card stock, had her choose the color been white and cream, and the font. Bunny was not very happy but she wanted them to be proper. She ordered a 100 and then went on to order note cards and stationary.

After she had placed her order and Annalu was entering all the details into her computer Bunny walked around the shop. Annalu had shelves of different sizes and colors of blank note cards, plain stationary, envelopes, and a wall of greeting cards. She also had a smalls section of books, both old and new.  Her eyes were drawn to an old blue copy of 'Emily Post's Etiquette'. She picked it up. She would need this for entertaining. She saw it was the 1922 edition so she knew it would correct.

Then she saw a little paperback titled, 'Secrets to Remaking Yourself into A Beautiful and Confident Lady'. Thumbing through the book, she was interested. This could be what she needed to be the person she never could be. She bought both books.

Bunny Vontese was going to have a new chapter. She was going to be a new women - the one she knew she always could be. She would work on these 'Secrets' and before long she would be the one getting the attention, the comments, and the respect from everyone in town. A new Bunny was on the way.

As she walked out of the shop she felt better about herself than she had in a long while. That was until she walked into Tula. "Heard you found a felon to date. They make great pen pals from jail. How could Harrison ever want to spend time with you, much less care for you, I'll never understand." 

Bunny glared at her and walked off.  Unfortunately, her heel got stuck in a crack between the slate tiles on the side walk and she fell face first, spilling everything from her purse. Tula always having the last word said,"You cannot even walk down the street in a respectable way. Ladies do not trip on the sidewalk. You are an embarrassment to this town."

Bunny was furious as she pulled herself to her knees and collected everything that had spilled from her purse. "I'll show them. What does Tula Wells know any how?" As she took her first step, she stumbled. The heel had broken off her left shoe. She limped back to the office where her car was. Could this day get any worse?

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