Saturday, September 9, 2017

He Can't Do That

Sam Peterson and Mike sat down in the conference room after Bunny left. "You think she'll take our warnings seriously?" asked Sam.

"I would say between slim and none. But hopefully she will call if something happens."

"If she can."

Mike laughed,"Oh, Bunny, Bunny, Bunny."

"I take solace in the fact that Mr. Taylor is in enough trouble and has already been indicted, so he knows we are on him," said Sam.

They talked about some other things they were working on. Mike got a phone call and Sam left. He did not have a good feeling about this. He decided he would stop by and see Della.  He found her still at the office.

She was very happy to see him. Sam gave her a hug and a kiss. Then he asked casually, "Bunny here?"

"No, she had an appointment, didn't tell me what it was, and left a while ago."

"Did she say if she was coming back to the office?"

"No, why?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to ask her something." Sam paused. "We still on for tonight?"

"Yep, looking forward to it," said Della. Sam left.

Sam called Mike,"You got Bunny's cell number?"

"Sure, want me to call her?"

"Yeah, just to check in."

Mike said, "No problem. I'll call her and call you back."

Mike looked up Della's number and dialed it. The phone rang once and he heard it. He walked around the room and found the ringing phone under the chair Bunny had been sitting in. "Damn," he said and immediately called Sam.

Sam sighed, "I'm going to return her phone to her as an excuse to make sure she's OK."

"Well, when you come by to pick the phone up, I'm going out there with you."

Meanwhile Anna Belle's establishment was doing well. She had named it "The Gallagher Gentleman's Cub". It was a place men could take refuge, play cards, talk, drink, and whatever other vices they may want to enjoy. Needless to say the men in town were thrilled - their wives, not so much. As far as the women were concerned, Anna Belle had gone from a slight annoyance on the side of town to Belle Watling in a matter of weeks.

As it was in many small towns, as long as guns and violence were not involved, the local law enforcement overlooked any such legal indiscretions. Why make a to-do over something that was keeping peace in town? The men were obviously enjoying them selves. And Frank's jewelry store's business was going nuts thanks to Anna Belle's clients buying significant jewelry as peace offerings to take home. 

Those not offering gifts had become very generous with their wives' spending and overlooked the bags of clothes, shoes, hand bags, and expensive bath things that they frequently found sitting on the kitchen table when they came home. The way the Mayor saw it, the gentleman's club was a win win win - the men were happy, their wives were placated, and the local economy was thriving thanks to the increase of  the wives' spending.

Meanwhile, Belva and Liza had asked their attorney to check with Mr. Todd about their mother's jewelry. They knew it was somewhere. Naturally, they wanted it, feeling it was their inheritance. Mr. Sweeny informed the attorney about finding the box of jewelry and Harrison's note. He did not share with Mr. Todd Harrison's request that Bunny select a piece for each girl.

Mr. Todd, knowing it was not going to be pleasant, called Belva to tell her that the jewelry had been located. Belva's immediate response was, "We'll sue."

Mr. Todd very calmly said, "I think you and Liza need to find another attorney. You are asking me to do things that are wasting my time and your money. I can give you some referrals to help you find new counsel."

"You can't do that!"

"I just did."

Before things got ugly Mr. Todd said, "If and when your new counsel needs background information and files, I suggest you get him, or her, to present me with a signed, notarized declaration that you and Liza are granting me permission to break my attorney - client privilege with you. Now, I have some work to do." With that he hung up, relieved because, even though they had been lucrative clients, the idea of being free of their demands and drama was wonderful.

Belva called Liza and told her what she had learned. Liza was even more incensed than Belva was. Her immediate response was, "Well, we'll just get Mr. Todd to sue that little tart."

"Don't think so. Mr. Todd said he was no longer representing us."

"He can't do that!"

"Well he did."

Liza was furious, "Then sue him."

"No, we are going to Ivy Lane and confront Miss Bunny Vontese in person. We can intimidate the Hell out of her. She is no match for us."

"OK, then let's go tomorrow," said Belva.

"Oh Hell no. We are going right now. I'm on my way to pick you up on my way to Ivy Lane."

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