Tuesday, September 5, 2017

I'm Not Making This Up

Back at Ivy Lane, Bunny poured a glass of Chablis and walked around the house, taking note of items she thought were out of place. Then it hit her - the main thing that was different. When she first moved in, she remembered over the mantle in the living room were two portraits, one of each daughter when they were 5 or 6. She looked now and saw there were 2 paintings of coats of arms. Bunny assumed to be of the family.

She called Mike. "Some time tomorrow, can you come out to the house. There is something I want you to see. "

"Well, I'm about a mile from there, you want me to stop by now?"

"That would be even better. Thanks."

5 minutes later Mike was knocking on the door. Bunny opened the door. "What's up?" Mike said as he walked in.

"It's more like what's not up." She walked him through the rooms and showed him her concerns. When they finished, Mike asked, "Any ideas?"

"I haven't a clue." Bunny said.

"What about Belva and Liza?"

"I wouldn't put it past them, but who could they have gotten to do it?"

"Well let's find out." Mike went to his car and returned with a small box and some wires. "If you've got a ladder, I can install these cameras no one will notice. We can watch online live to see who is coming to call."

Bunny was thrilled and quickly found a ladder. After 90 minutes the cameras were installed, the wires were hidden and everything was up and running. Bunny thanked Mike and told him she would talk to him the following morning.

About 11:30 the next day, Mike called, "Bunny, you may want to come down here."

Bunny told Della she had an errand to run but would have her phone if she needed her. When she walked into Mike's office, he motioned for her to look at his computer screen.

On the screen Bunny saw her dining room. Belva and Liza were going though the buffet pulling out the sterling flatware. They put in it a box. Then they opened another box and replaced the flatware with other flatware.

Bunny was stunned. "I knew they despised me and resented what their father did. But this surprises me." She paused. "Mike, what do I do?"

"Bunny, this is a crime. They need to be confronted. Heck, they need to be  arrested. Just think of what Harrison would do. He would not only be disappointed, he would have furious."

"OK, how does that happen?"

"Well we have this on tape, so that is evidence. My suggestion is that we leave the cameras and wait until they come back. Then we will go to the house and arrest them."

"The more I think about it, the madder I get. I am assuming they have keys to the house." She shook her head. "Thanks Mike. Please let me know."

"I will."

Bunny walked out of the Sheriff's office feeling sad that this had happened. A day or two before she would have been thrilled at the idea of revenge. Now she was tired of all this.

Back at the office, Bunny saw she had a message from Pervis. She did not even care anymore. All afternoon she tried to stay busy and not think about the mess she was going to have to deal with.

Finally she saw there was a heart on her Siverspoons's icon. She logged in. The man's name was Sam. He was relatively good looking. He was a realtor from Mobile. She responded and after a series of texts, they decided to meet for drinks at Dot's that evening.

She didn't even want to go home. She felt violated. But she had to go take care of Bootsy. So Bunny made her way back to Ivy Lane. She took Bootsy out, changed clothes, and left. Given her experience with Pervis the other night, she had low expectations for that night.

However, she was surprised. Sam was a dear. He was funny, thoughtful, interesting, and nice. Life was looking up. At the end of the evening Sam walked Bunny to her car, kissed her, told her how much he enjoyed the evening, and asked if he could have her phone number. Bunny was smitten.

She went home feeling better than she had before. Sam called later to make sure she got home safely. This one was a keeper. She could not wait to tell Della.

It was around noon the following day when Mike called. "We are on our way to Ivy Lane. Do you want to come?"

"Come?" said Bunny. "I want to be the first one in the house."

She met Mike and the other deputies in front of the drive. Bunny walked quietly up the driveway. When she got to the back door, she took a breath. Then she opened the door and walked in. She found both girls in their father's office searching through the drawers of his desk.

"I don't think you'll find much in there," Bunny said.

"Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in.", said Belva. "It will always be our house. I don't care what the court says."

Just then Mike walked in, " 'Fraid not girls. Ivy Lane belongs to Bunny. Get used to it. So does all the property you have taken. You are under arrest."

"You cannot do you that. I want my attorney."

"Yes we can do that. You can get your attorney after you are booked and in jail."

Both girls were shocked, never in their wildest imagination had they thought they would be going to jail.  People of their caliber were not arrested.  Jail was for low lifes like Bunny.

Bunny thanked Mike. He told her he would keep her informed about the case and get her stuff delivered back to Ivy Lane. He doubted anything was sold since they were getting what they thought was theirs.

Bunny went back to work. She still had mixed feelings about all of this. However she knew if serious action was not taken, those would never stop. How did Harrison have such vile daughters?

She told Della all about the robberies and arrests. Della was really surprised. "As haughty and ugly as both of the girls are, I did not see this one coming." Bunny agreed. Della answered the phone and Bunny went to her office to do some research on the properties Wade had talked about buying.

Her cell phone beeped with a text from Sam asking if she was free that evening. She was thrilled. He may be THE one. He suggested a place in Mobile. She agreed and they set a time. She ignored her Silverspoons account. Anyone else could wait.

She left work early to change and get to Mobile on time. She went through Mary's closet and found a nice casual pair of pants and sweater. They fit better than the blue suit did. Bunny was feeling good about herself. She had mastered Harrison's Mercedes, gotten a feel for dressing correctly, Wade had complimented her work, and now she may have found her man.

When she arrived at the restaurant Sam was waiting for her. "I thought you might stand me up?"

"Why did you think that?"

He took her hand. "Because I think I have found someone special and I do not want to miss my chance."  He reached down and kissed her.

They went into the restaurant and were seated immediately. Sam was ordering champagne and Bunny said since she was driving, she would not be drinking. He immediately cancelled the order. They started talking and after coming by several times, the waitress interrupted them to take their order for dinner. Bunny told him about Harrison and Ivy Lane. Sam told her about his childhood and his business.

Their meal came and they ate. When they were finished, their conversation continued. Bunny told him about her disastrous visit   to the birthday party. He laughed to the point of tears. Sam caught his breath, "You're making this up."

"I couldn't make this up," said Bunny laughing. Then she told him about the about the deposition, including what she was wearing.

"Bunny, you have to be making this up?"

"I'm not, I promise ."

At the end of the evening, Bunny was sure that Sam was it. She was in love. And, he acted as if he was also. Bunny invited him to Ivy Lane for dinner the following night. Sam seemed very excited and  accepted. She drove home with a smile on her face.

On the way home Mike called to tell her he had located all the missing things from Ivy Lane and he could bring some of them out to Ivy Lane in the morning. She said she would wait to go to work until after he came. Hopefully, Bunny thought, that would be end of that mess.

Over the next week Bunny saw Sam 3 times. Each time Bunny was more entranced by this man. He was interesting, thoughtful, and romantic. In her mind she started making plans for the future - a future with Sam.

That evening Mike dropped by the house to return the additional pieces of the "stolen" items. It had taken a while to photograph and catalog all of them. Mike commented,"I haven't seen you around lately. Where have you been hiding?" Bunny laughed and told Mike all about Sam.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say you are smitten."

Bunny blushed, "I may be."

At work Bunny was busy. The company was growing and business was good. She was in love with a man who seemed to be almost perfect. She had finally moved everything from her apartment.

She took Buzz's words seriously and decided not to redecorate Ivy Lane. All of the purloined property had been returned. Mike had told her that the girls' attorney was able get them a sentence of1000 hours of community service and 2 years probation. Really this suited Bunny. As upset as she had been, while she didn't condone what they did, in a way, she understood.

She had sold her Granada. Although the dealership never told her, they immediately sold it as scrap. It was a hard thing to do for Bunny. That car had been with her through the early trials and tribulations of life.

To celebrate, she went to Dot's for a drink. Parker, Bob, and Jeb were there. They immediately motioned for her to join them at the bar. She put her purse on the stool and excused herself to visit the ladies room.

When she headed back to the bar, Jeb was turned toward her talking to Parker. He was smiling. Immediately the other 2 had turned asnd were all looking at her. Finally she thought, they realize I am the pretty woman they never paid attention to. By the time she reached the bar, they were laughing.

"What?" asked Bunny.

They replied, "Nothing." They turned back to their drinks. As Bunny climbed on the bar stool she saw, to her horror, attached to the heel of her shoe was 3 to 4 feet of toilet tissue.

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