Friday, September 8, 2017

It's Pervis Isn't It

Sam said, "Bunny there is nothing to be afraid of here. We just have some questions. OK?"

"OK", said Bunny a little nervous.

"You have been using an online dating site lately, correct?

"Yes, I have. Given my luck around here, I figured it was a better way to meet men," Bunny laughed.

But no one else in the room laughed."Oh my God, this is about Pervis, isn't it? I knew he was odd the first time I met him - anyone who only wants to talk about his mother. I bet he's a pedophile?"

"No, this not about Pervis?"

"Now wait a minute. I know when I first signed up I was under the 'Swingers' category, but Della set me straight. She told me. . ."

Sam interrupted her."What about Sam Taylor from Mobile?"

"Yes. Oh Sam is a dear. I think I finally found a keeper."

Sam continued, ignoring Bunny. "He told you he was realtor from Mobile, is that correct?"

"Yes, he did."

Sam passed a picture of Sam Taylor across the table to Bunny."Is this the Sam Taylor you have been seeing?" 

Bunny, looking at the picture of her Sam walking down the street, said, "Yes, that is Sam Taylor. I still do not understand what this is about?"

"Bunny, Sam has been indicted by a Federal Grand Jury for 2 counts of money laundering, 3 counts of False imprisonment of a human beings, 2 counts of grand larceny, 3 counts of  facilitation of a sex worker, and 4 counts of kidnapping a minor."

"What does that mean?"

The Sheriff spoke up," Bunny. he is in a hurt of trouble. He is a pimp." 

Sam looked at Bunny,"We have been following him for a while now. We had no idea we would find him here. He has been picking up young girls and selling  them on the street for prostitution  and laundering it to avoid paying taxes. He robbed several people and was armed at the time, which did not help him in Federal Court."

"So what does this have to do with me?"

"Nothing, we just wanted you to confirm that this was the same man you were dating."

"That's him. I'm shocked. He is such a gentleman. Where is he now?"

"Out on bail. Do you know where he was last night or this afternoon?"

"He told me he had meetings, he could not get out of."

"He did, meeting with the judge."

Bunny just slumped in her chair. This was the man she planned to spend her future with. The man who was sweet and kind and sent flowers. This could not be true.

"Bunny my suggestion would be to not answer his calls, and just go on with your life. If he shows up, just tell him you are no longer interested, call us, or don't answer the door. Just remember he could be armed and dangerous."

Sam spoke up,"Be careful, he has a reputation for being very ugly."

All Bunny could say was,"I'll do my best. I'm just in shock."

"That's why we wanted to let you know what is going on."

They talked about a few more things. Bunny stood up to leave and Mike said, "Bunny, seriously, he is not a nice man. I can assure you he is not the man you think he is, no matter what he says." 

"I understand. I'll be careful," Bunny said as she left.

Once she got in her car, she started crying. She knew they were not wrong. But as hard as it was for her to believe it, she had to take their word for it.

She drove away dejected and sad. Why did this always happen to her?

Her phone rang. God, I cannot deal with my Mama right now. Please tell me she did not know this before I did. Answering the phone before looking at the caller ID, she said, "Mama, I already know, Sam and the sheriff just told me."

But it wasn't her mother, it was Sam Taylor, "Know what?", he said laughing.

"Nothing," Bunny said nervously.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm on my my way home."

"Great. I'm waiting in your drive way. I thought we could take ride through the country. Bunny, I know have broken two dates. I need to make that up to you. My mother taught me.better. There's a little place in Marengo county I thought we could go."

Bunny stuttered,"I, I, don't know. Maybe not tonight."

"You really are upset about my letting you down."

"No, I don't understand why you did not add that you were a pimp on your profile on Silverspoons and then update it with the list of your indictments."

"Bunny get a hold of yourself. Remember all the good times we had. Think how we enjoyed each other's company. You are going to let a few minor legal issues come between us. You know it was just a misunderstanding. It will all be taken care of in a matter of days."

"You promise?"

"Of course I promise. Now come home so I can see you. I've been waiting all day to see my little sweetheart."

Bunny drove out to Ivy Lane. Sure enough there was Sam standing by his car waiting for her. He was so cute. Surely Sam Peterson and the Sheriff were mistaken. As she got out of her car he came over and gave her a big hug. 

She smiled and asked, "Can you help me? There is a box in my trunk I picked up this afternoon from Mr. Sweeny. Can you get it while I gather the rest of my stuff."

"Sure, no problem", said Sam. And Bunny pulled the lever to open the trunk.

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