Friday, September 1, 2017

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Bunny had fixed some coffee for Mike. It was the least she could do for him coming to the house to warn her about the cross being bared in her drive way. Meanwhile she went upstairs and dressed. She came back into the kitchen feeling a little more like a human being.

Mike said, "I heard the hearing was pretty rough?"

"Good God, does everyone know?"

"Well it is Gallagher", Mike laughed. "If you didn't give them something to talk about it would be some one else."

"Trust me, it would suit me fine for someone else to have their life hung out live and in color on the court house steps."

"Bunny, trust me. Your true friends are still behind you. They are above all this."

"That's a pretty tall order given my mother is a harlot, I had a crush on my half brother, my ex-husband is in my driveway with a cross and a bull horn saying my soul needs to be saved, and I just inherited a big plantation home full of all this big old stuff and it is going to take me forever to make it homey."

Mike was dying with laughter. "Bunny if for nothing else, we will keep you around for entertainment," He gave her a big hug. "Although, I don't think many folks are going to understand your wanting to do away with 200 years' worth of art and antiques."

"You mean all this is worth something? I just thought it was old and heavy stuff. It reminds me of a house that needs redoing."

"Bunny, you need to understand, what you have here is a treasure. These are things that the Wells' family has collected and passed down for years. What you call 'Old and Heavy' wreaks of old money and history. For goodness sake, please do not do away with the furnishings in this home."

"I won't if you say so. I just think it should be showcased as the lovely home it is."

Her phone rang,"Hello".

When Bunny ended the call she looked at Mike. "I may need a ride down town. Yesterday, I could not get my car started when I was leaving Mama's so I walked home. Joe found it and had it towed. I asked him if the garage could just see if it could be fixed."

"Well I need to get back to work. I appreciate the coffee. If you're ready I'll drop you off on my way to the station."

After learning from the local mechanic that her dear Granada had driven her last mile, she finally stopped by the office to see if there was anything she needed to do. Della met her at the door with a big hug, "Oh, sweetie. I've been thinking about you. Good Lord what you have been through."

Bunny told her about Buck's stunt in her driveway. "I'm giving up on men. Obviously picking them is not my strong suit. Look who I married, the one who is going to save us all and cleanse our souls!" She held her hands in the air. 'Hell, I tried to pick up Parker at Dot's and only to learn I was the last person in town to know he was gayer than a 3 dollar bill. I thought that was bad until I had a crush on my, unbeknownst to me, half brother. Maybe Anna Belle is right. I am hopeless." Bunny laughed.

She went into her office to check her email and see what was on her desk. After 10 minutes or so, she came out smiling. "Della, I think I have the answer."

"To what?"

"To my problem finding good men. I'm looking in the wrong places."

"You mean like in the bars?'

"No, around here. There is no one around here after Harrison died, bless his soul, that I am compatible with, so I am going to try on-line dating. I've seen the ads on TV. Lot's of people have found their soul mate through those services. I'm going home to see how it works."

She said goodbye and walked out the door. Then she remembered she did not have a car. Luckily Wade was getting into his car across the street. She asked if she could get a ride home. In the car she explained why she needed a ride. "Bunny, that's nuts."

"Getting a new car? My car is so old, it is embarrassing to drive it."

"No, that is not what I am talking about. Look in your garage. Harrison had his Mercedes, a Land Rover, and some other car he was fixing up. If I'm correct those are yours. Check with Luther, but I think you have a car, actually a garage of cars."

Luckily Buck had tired of proselytizing in her drive way and had moved on to some other sinner who needed his help. It didn't matter, Bunny was beside herself. She thanked Wade when he dropped her off. Before she went to the house, she went straight to the garage to see what was there. Now all she needed to do was find the keys.

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