Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Pink Passion and Sparkly Things

The Col. and the wife were about as much as Bunny could handle for one day. When she returned to the office, she decided she would go online and order some make up since #1 on the list of the Secrets of Remaking Yourself was to "Throw out your old make up".  Maybe it was time to change the color of her lipstick (keeping #5 in mind). After looking through, what seemed like, 100's shades of red, she decided on "Perfect Red".

Next mascara, she needed black, but to Bunny, it wasn't so much the mascara, as it was the container. She wanted one that was "classy" not one that was plastic. Finally she found one by L'Oreal that was gold for 7.99. That was what she was looking for, not a plastic one. She next ordered blush in "Pink Passion".

Eye shadow was a little more difficult. After going through shade after shade of blue, she chose "Bonnie Blue". After that it was "Gold Bronze", "Irish Green", "Cold Smudge Gray", and "Copper". She  had already bought new powder and foundation. Now she would be set. She put in her credit card number and addressed it to the office.

She had just finished when Della said,"Call for you."

"This Bunny, how can I help you?"

"Bunny, this is Beau Jackson, how are this morning?"

"Just fine Mr. Jackson, and you?"

"Doing fine. Got a quick question for you. Did a Mr. Owen Davis come by your office earlier this week?"

"He did. He was asking for 'Reginald Jackson'. I always think if someone doesn't know the right name of who they are asking about, they're up to no good. So we told him we did not know any 'Reginald Jackson' ."

"Fair enough," he laughed. "I just wanted to check to see who all he talked to."

"Well besides us, he went to Smith and Wells, the Starlight, Parker Duiese's office, "Miss" Ella's, the Eldridges's," Bunny stopped and thought. "That's all I know about, I think." Then she remembered Sam. "Oh, we called Sam Peterson and had him do a search on Mr. Owens. He's some kind of powerful attorney from Atlanta."

"Really?" Beau said, not surprised."Well I appreciate that."

"Do you know him?"

"Mr. Owens? Never seen him in my life. Thanks for the information Bunny." With that he rung off.

Bunny walked into Della's office,"We may have had the wrong 'Reginald Jackson' after all. That was 'Mr.' Beau asking about Mr. Owens."

Mike walked in just to chat. They talked about Mr. Owens, which knew nothing else about. Then he looked at Bunny,"You got plans for dinner tonight?"

Bunny hesitated. Mike laughed,"Just as friends. We haven't talked in while."

"Maybe my life has been a little boring lately since I have not needed the cavalry to rescue me."

"That's scary," Mike laughed.

"Dinner would be nice."

"Great, I'll pick you up at 6:30. See you then."

After he walked out Della said,"He is such a great guy."

"He is, always has been. I remember in high school, I thought he was cute as a bug." 

"He still is," said Della with a smile.

With that Bunny went back to work.

When she drove up to Ivy Lane that afternoon she could just imagine the Col. and Mrs. Walker having lemonade on the front porch. She wondered if they always dressed like that or it was some type of special occasion. Who ever hired him to run the museum found the right person - where ever they found him.

As always Mike was in a good mood and funny as ever they went to Ed's and got a burger. They chit chatted about Mr. Owens, Della and Sam. He picked on her unmercifully about Sam Taylor. To which she defended herself saying that she got herself out of the situation and besides that they would have never caught him had it not been for her.

After dinner they went to Dot's for a drink. Few people were there. Mike ordered a  beer. "Mai Tai 'Miss' Bunny?", asked Ike.

"No," Bunny blushed, "I think I'd better stick with wine. Pink Chablis please."

"Going for the expensive stuff tonight, are you?" Mike said as they sat down at a table.

"It's not that expensive," Bunny said in defense.

"Actually, if all you need is Pink Chablis, you are a cheap date!" He realized he may have hurt her feelings. "You know I'm just kidding."

She just laughed.

Mike leaned back in his chair,"Now what is the story about this confederate general who was in town the other day. He stopped me to ask for a recommendation for lunch."

"Well first, he is a Colonel, as Colonel Wadsworth Washington Walker III, but they call him George."

"You're kidding me."

"No. I'm not making this up." She laughed along with him. She went on to tell him about why he was here, meeting his wife, and showing them places they may want to live.

When she started describing Winfred, Mike said, "OK, now you're making this up. The Temperance Union? In Gallagher?"

"Then he stopped me on the street and wanted to know where he could get a 'tipple'. It was all I could do not to laugh out loud. Then he asked if I would not share that with Mrs. Walker, because it was something that 'upset her dearly'."

"Well I guess so if she intends to rid our fair town of the evils of alcohol," Mike said as he took a swig of beer.

After he took her home that evening, Bunny had to rethink Mike. Although she had loved Harrison dearly. She always felt like she was never quite part of his life. He included her in everything and treated her like a queen, and Lord, he left her with Ivy Lane, but she was much more comfortable with Mike. He was a lot of fun, even though he picked on her all the time. Unlike everyone else, his picking on her didn't hurt her feelings.

Bunny remembered she needed to call Buzz for help with securing her 'new' jewelry. Buzz picked up on the second ring,"Hello."

"Buzz, it's Bunny. I need some help getting a small jewelry safe installed in the house. Is that something that Smith and Wells would have?"

"I'm pretty sure we do. I'll check tomorrow and call you." They discussed the size she would need and possible places it could go in the house.

"Thanks Buzz, I knew you could help." She rang off.

For the first time since the day of her 'kidnapping', she took the box of jewelry and put it on the bed. Bunny took each piece out and looked at it. Each seemed more beautiful than one she just put down. She really wasn't sure what some of the pieces were. Mary must have loved pearls. She had 3 strands of different lengths of white ones. A short string of pink pearls, something Bunny had never seen. 

But Bunny was quite flummoxed when she pulled a string of very dark gray colored pearls from the box. Who would want dirty gray colored pearls? She may just give them to Belva, out of spite. On second thought, she would not do that, there was no reason to be spiteful. 

She found a broach that was a bird with wide plumage that was decorated with many jewels of different colors. Bunny was stunned, there were red rubies, green emeralds, blue sapphires, and the eyes of the bird were 2 small diamonds. It was one of the prettiest pieces of jewelry she had ever seen. But, this was Belva and Liza's mother's jewelry. She wanted them to have something really nice, not gray pearls. She put the bird broach to the side. Now she just needed to find a second piece.

As she pulled out the myriad of rings, bracelets, broaches, and necklaces, the bed started looking like a jewelry store. I had idea how much she had, Bunny said to herself. Maybe this is jewelry Mary inherited from her mother and her grandmother. Geeze, how much is all this worth?

After much contemplation, she selected a large ring with several large different colored stones on it. The stones were marquis cut and in an exquisite ornate gold designed setting. The face of the ring was, maybe, an inch long. Once again this was one of the prettiest pieces she had ever seen. This would definitely go to the girls. She would decide later, which daughter got which piece. With all this jewelry, maybe it would be more thoughtful of her to select several pieces to give each of them, instead of just one. There was so much here. 

She finished going through the jewelry, then carefully put the pieces back into the box and slid the box back under her bed. Ever since Mr. Sweeny had given her the jewelry and the note from Harrison she felt it was cursed - like a box of trouble. After all, everything involved with it so far was not pleasant. Bunny felt a lot better now. The girls would think much more of her when she gave them more pieces of jewelry than just one apiece. Did they even know they were getting any? She would have to ask Mr. Sweeny tomorrow.

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