Saturday, September 2, 2017

Silverspoons, Good Ol' Boys, and Fobs

Opening drawers and cabinets, looking in cupboards and desks, Bunny searched furiously for the car keys, but to no avail. She knew they were some where. Upstairs she even went through the pockets Harrison's pants. Where could they be? Finally on a board on the wall in the kitchen she saw a series of hooks with keys on them. 

She immediately recognized the Mercedes emblem. But it was just a fob with the 'open', 'lock', 'trunk', and 'alarm' buttons. Where was the key. She pulled off every key on the board. The Land Rover key said 'Land Rover' and it was a fob and a key. There were keys to doors, barns, outbuildings, and other things, each one clearly labeled with a white tag. But no Mercedes key. 

Not knowing what else to do, she called Buzz. "I am trying to drive the Mercedes and I cannot find the key. I found the fob but not the key."

Buzz laughed."That is the key."

"Seriously, how does that work?"

"Take the fob out to the car. I'll stay on the phone with you and show you."

Bunny walked out of the house, across the yard to the garage. Buzz asked,"Are you in the garage?"

"Yes, I just walked in."

"Walk over to the car."

"And do what?"

"Nothing, just walk over to the car."

Bunny approached the roaster and sure enough, when she got about 6 feet or so from it she heard the door locks click. Buzz asked, "Did the door lock open?"

"Yes? How did that happen?" 

"Magic," Buzz laughed and continued,"now just get into the car and sit in the driver's seat."

Bunny did as directed. Before she could say anything, Buzz said, "Now press that large silver button to the right of the steering wheel on the dash board."

Bunny did and the car came to life.

"Wow," exclaimed Bunny. "How was I to know how that worked?"

"Doesn't matter, now you know."

She thanked him and rung off. She just wanted to be able to drive the car. There were other things she needed to do first.

Back in the house she sat down at the computer. Now to find a man on-line. She searched for "on-line dating" and was surprised at the number of sites she found. Good Lord she thought, how would she ever know which was the best site and which one suited her. There was, E-harmony, Tinder, and Zoosk among others. After reading through their descriptions she was more confused than ever. Then she found another, - Silverspoons. was designed for southern girls who wanted to meet nice southern men. They described it as the place the nice girls met the good ol' boys. She read on. This was definitely the place for her. Now she had to get signed up.

"What type of man was she looking for?" Bunny thought, 5well first off one I am not kin to, one who is not gay, and one who does not want to build an ark to save the world. She thought some more and started typing. "A nice good looking guy who wants to have a good time." After all, she did not want to attract anyone who just wanted sex, she wanted someone to be her friend. to go to the movies with, have dinner with, and watch TV.

"What did she enjoy?" She thought back on her time with Harrison and what she enjoyed doing with him. She entered,"I enjoy walks in the country, nice dinners that last a long time, sunsets, Mai Tai's, and my dog." That makes me sound like someone a nice guy would want to be with.

What is your flatware pattern? Bunny did not have one but knew she had to put something down. Luckily she remembered her mother talking about silver. She entered a pattern she thought her mother had mentioned, 'Louis VIII by Tiffany'.

Did you Debut? 'Yes or No'. Bunny started to say 'yes' but knew better. She answered 'No'. 

"Describe yourself?" This was a tough one since her life was bit complicated. She started, 'I am a single professional woman. I manage a very large real estate rental company. My fiance just died suddenly. We had just gotten engaged. I did not even have a ring. In his will he left me his plantation but his daughters fought me for it in court. I finally won. I plan to redo the house. I had an old car but now am driving the very nice expensive Mercedes Benz my ..'  She ran out of space and could add no more. She had used up all the characters allowed.  

What do I take out?  She worked on it and finally got her description so it fit into space given. Next she had to post a picture. The only decent picture she had was from her driver's license. Luckily she could scan her license, then edit the scan and post the picture.

There, she was done. Now all she had to was wait.

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