Friday, September 15, 2017

Sweet Revenge

Anna Belle was finally where she wanted to be. She had been so hurt and humiliated by Beau's mother, Tula, and the whole bunch, that she had planned her revenge early. And . . . she had planned it well.

She had always taken care of herself so she knew she was more attractive than those socialites in town. Now the dumpy, weathered, witches who had put her down and denied her access to their lunches,  brunches,  and clubs, would pay dearly.

She started slowly. She always had had a way with men. Poor William never quiet knew what to do with her. After he died she was free to put her plan into motion. She found it did not take much to let a man know that not only could she please him in ways he had never enjoyed before, but that she enjoyed it. She never complained about money but they "understood" she needed help. Every one she "saw" felt like he was THE special one, the only one she truly cared about.

They learned they could trust her with their confidences, problems, dreams, and disappointments. Anna Belle was so discrete that she could have a visit with a gentleman in the afternoon and then be taken to his house with another man for dinner and no one ever suspected a thing.

It was the men who spilled the beans. They could not help but compare their wives to Anna Belle when delicate matters in their bedroom were less than satisfying. 

But what could the women do? Not one of them would ever consider sharing their deficiencies with a friend, much less discuss sex with their husband.  They just had to keep a staunch upper lip and watch as Anna Belle had their husbands  (as well as most of the men in town) captured by her ways. 

Anna Belle was careful to never break a gentleman's trust or embarrass a wife. She had too much fun watching the ladies realize she had the upper hand and there was little they could do about it. She carried herself like the lady she was born to be.

All along, she was saving money for the grand finale of her plan. Finally a house came up in town that was perfect for her needs and, better yet, the price was much less than she had budgeted to spend. To make sure there would not be any "complications", one night she discussed her plan with the mayor as they lounged together in her solid mahogany rice bed. He assured her unless there were guns, he would make sure it would all be ok. Anna Belle told him that she planned to hire a very polite but large man to "greet" her company at the door to ensure there would be no trouble.

Several days later she had the same conversation with the Sheriff while he was getting dressed. He too, assured her that there should be no issues. Now the plan was in place.

She had spent time over the past year finding the most beautiful and talented young ladies she could who would come work for her. Anna Belle had groomed them, bought them all the proper attire for the downstairs as well as the upstairs. She even shared some of her secrets with them. She was no longer a single woman, she was an empire. Now all she needed was to make her house a home all the men wanted to come for relaxation, beverages,  camaraderie, games, and of course women.

And so the Gallagher Gentlemen's Club was born. Secretly she laughed, 'Maybe I do have some of the genes from Idella Arnell after all'. All her life she had run from something that was the very thing that would save her. Anna Belle had achieved the dream she had - the adoration of most the men in town and the envy of their wives.

If only her dear Bunny could get her life together. Bless her heart, that child had just had an uphill battle. She just didn't get the big picture. And Harrison Wells of all people . . . then he dies. Her daughter was cursed. Anna Belle knew Bunny was hopeless. 

But Bunny had to work it out just like Anna Belle did. The child wasn't ugly, just a little slow. God,  hopefully a good man would come around to save her. 

A mother could only wish. 

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