Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Flying Anvils and Doggy Doors

After a long day, Bunny was glad to see 5 o'clock come around.  Vivian's first day had gone very well, but it had been a long Monday. Mike had called earlier and asked her if she wanted to get a burger with him at Ed's later that evening. She gladly accepted, knowing she would enjoy it.

On her way home she noticed the Colonel in the city park talking with a group of men. No doubt, either they were discussing battle plans or he was making his case for honoring the town's namesake. It could be worse, Bunny thought, at least he did not want to launch anvils in his backyard like Colonel Murphy did in the movie 'Sweet Home Alabama'.

When she reached Ivy Lane, she was thrilled to see that the workers had finished refilling the holes in the front lawn. All the red clay was gone. The landscaper had replaced the dead shrubs in front of the porch, that had been run over by the back hoe, with fresh new ones. The newly laid sod was the only hint of any disturbance. Bless Mike - once again he came through for her.

Bunny went inside, dropped her bag, and made her way upstairs to change for dinner. While she was looking for a pair of blue jeans, she found herself in Mary's closet. She remembered Vivian's skirt and sweater. Going through Mary's skirts, she found a pretty red plaid one. She pulled it off the hanger. After that, she went to the drawer where the sweater's were kept. Going through the garments, she found a bright red sweater. She tried it on. It matched the skirt but was a bit tight. That would show off her figure, she thought as she turned around in front of the full length mirror.

Never mind that, she found the pair of her jeans she was looking for and a loose cable knit sweater. Bunny hated wearing loose sweaters, but this one was her favorite. It was more comfortable than any other sweater she had. She put on a pair of stilettos and  teased her hair. Bootsy was running around her feet. 

Buzz, was a such a dear, he had come a week or so ago and installed a small dog door in the door to the mud room. He had also fenced in a good size area of the back yard that attached to the mud room door. Bootsy now had access to the yard whenever she wanted. Thanks to that, Bunny did not have to worry so much about getting home to walk her.

It wasn't long before Mike was knocking at the hall door. Bunny answered it. She looked at him, "Mike, you don't have to knock, just come on in when you get here." She paused then quickly added, "Just please don't surprise me, let me know you are here."

Mike laughed,"And what happens if I do surprise you?"

"I'll come after you with my curling iron."

"Oh, not just a lethal weapon, but a hot one."

Bunny looked at him. Seriously she asked,"Are you picking on me?"

Mike put his arm around her,"Of course I am."

She gave him the keys to her Mercedes. "You drive."

When he opened the door of the car for her to get in, he said,"And I guess you think I ask you out because I like you." He smiled, "It's really just to get to drive this car."

He closed the door, walked around and got in the driver's side. They started down the drive way. "Think we'll meet Tula this time coming up the drive?"

His mentioning Tula's name reminded her about Vivian. She told him the story, including her phone calls with Tula and Anna Belle. When she had finished her story, Mike just shook his head "Bunny, every time I think I have your family tree figured out, I learn there is another branch." He just shook his head.

"As long as I don't learn you are kin to me," Bunny said very seriously, looking at him.

Mike looked at her seriously with no smile on his face,"Well, I guess time will tell. The way your family keeps unraveling, maybe the story hasn't gotten to me yet."

Bunny, almost in tears, said "That's what I'm scared of."

Mike took his hand and patted her knee. "I don't think you have to worry about that."

"I hope not."

By this time, they were at Ed's. They ordered and sat down. It wasn't long before their burgers arrived. They were as good as ever. Mike shared some interesting stories about his past week with her 

The bells on the door jingled and Buzz walked in. Mike saw him first. "Come over and join us."

"I want be interrupting anything?"

"Nothing that I know of, anything you know of Bunny?"

Bunny had a mouth full of food so she just shook her head in agreement.

Buzz smiled, "Great, let me get my order in and I'll be right over."

A minute or two later Buzz was sitting down at their table. Mike asked,"What's up at Smith and Wells these days?"

"Nothing much, just the usual excitement of a hardware store; all the scoop on who's toilet isn't running, which kid is in trouble for breaking a neighbor's window, and the little ol' ladies who have taken on craft projects that involve wood, glue, and paint."

Buzz laughed, "Honest to God, I never knew how difficult one could make building a simple bird house. Naturally the Garden Club would choose that as their project. So I have helped 14 members, all wanting to make theirs a little more upscale than the others."

Mike laughed, "Not that they would be competitive."

"You would not believe what these women will do to win a prize - no offense Bunny."

"I'm not in the Garden in the Garden Club. I just pray I can keep Mary's Azaleas and Camellias alive, much less make a birdhouse."

"One lady wanted a porch, one wanted a porch with columns - reminiscent of Tara. Another wanted a skylight on the roof of her birdhouse. My favorite was the request for a chimney. I talked her out of a fireplace, explaining it would be a fire hazard." 

Mike was  dying of laughter. "Buzz, you are making this up."

"I couldn't it I tried. You wait. They will all be at the fall bazaar. You can see for yourself."

Bunny giggled. Just then Buzz's food came. As they all ate they chatted about random things. Bunny said her lawn was 'fixed' thanks to Mike. 

Then Buzz stopped eating, "Bunny, I know what I wanted to ask you."

Bunny looked up from from her French fries.

"I ran into a new girl in town, Vivian. She said Wade had hired her and she was living on Magnolia in one of y'alls houses. She was cute and seemed smart. What's the deal?"

Mike just laughed. "Let me guess, you are interested?"

"Of course I am. If you met her, you would understand why."

Bunny just shook her head. "Buzz, I'm afraid she's off the market as far as you're concerned.?

"Ouch! You're saying I'm not good enough. I know she's not married."

Mike could not help himself, "Surprise Buzz, you have another half sister."

Buzz looked confused for moment. Then he looked at Bunny, "Seriously?"

" 'Fraid so. But she doesn't know it yet. Don't say anything - to anyone. Promise?"

"Of course. Who would believe me anyway? How did this happen?"

Mike looked at Buzz, "Well a woman and a man . . ."

Buzz laughed and interrupted him, "Ok, before that part?"

Mike just shook his head, "We may need to move to Dot's and get a round from Ike before you hear this chapter." 

"Jeez, before I know it, Mike, you and I will be brothers."

Bunny gave Buzz a serious look. "Don't say such a thing. That's my fear."

Mike laughed, looked at Bunny, and said, "Well' it's been fun while it lasted." 

Bunny was not amused. He patted her on the knee and winked at her. "Let's go to Dot's and get this sorted out."

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