Monday, October 2, 2017

Protesters and Front Loaders

After surviving the appointment with Vivian and her crew, Bunny was exhausted. Just how many siblings did she have out there? Perhaps she should ask Mike to submit a blood sample before they continued any type of relationship. In a way she wanted to call Anna Belle, but in another way, she feared what Anna Belle may tell her.

Della commented,"I'm not sure how she manages those children?"

"Does she manage them?"

"Well, not really, but I was trying to be polite."

"I can just imagine how that showing went?"

"Everything you can imagine and more," Bunny paused. "And there is more."

"More? What more excitement than a single mother driving a worn out mini van with three children - a would be whiny 'beauty queen', a smart alack - would be genius, and a toddler?"

"She is a Wells?"

"As in Harrison Wells?"

"As in Tula Wells Latrelle."

"Vivian is Tula's daughter?"

"That would be correct."

"Seriously? I did not think Tula was married to your father long enough to have a child. Besides, she is younger than you are."

"She wasn't. And Vivian is younger than I was. She says she is their 'Love Child'."

"Can this only get better?"

"Only at my expense."

"Oh, Bunny, you know I was not talking about you. I'm not sure if you are the innocent bystander or the victim."

"It is just too much to think about."

The door opened and in walked Col Walker (in full costume). "Ladies," he said, removing his hat. "It is my understanding that y'all are familiar with Mr. Reginald Jackson?"

The girls looked at each. Bunny spoke first. "Yes, sir we are."

"Well, I need a favor, that I think will benefit this community and bring to life the proud history Gallagher played in our most recent unpleasantness."

Bunny and Della had his attention.

He continued, "If we could get Mr. Jackson to do a reading of his, now famous book, 'The Corporals Secret' at the Museum of Confederate Uniforms, Hats, and Paraphernalia, I think we could put Gallagher on the map. Do you think you could ask him? Or, if you have any hesitation, I will be more than happy to discuss this project with him myself."

Bunny hesitated. "Col Walker."

"Miss Bunny, I have told you it is 'George'."

"Well, George, I will be happy to speak with him. Unfortunately he is not in town and am I not sure when he will be returning. I think the success of this book is keeping him very busy."

"Oh, I understand. But when you see him. I would appreciate your inquiring."

"I certainly will sir."

He donned his hat again,"Good day ladies." And he walked out.

Della laughed,"Is this for real, or am I in a reality show."

Bunny just shook her head and went back to her office.

An hour later the Sheriff came in. "Bunny, we may have a problem."

She looked up from her work.

"Seems a group of ladies from Mobile is protesting in front of your mother's 'Club'."


"As in picketing with signs and bull horns."

"About what? I mean, which offensive issue are they upset about?"

The Sheriff laughed at her response."True. Their concern is the club being a so called 'House of Ill Repute'."

"What am I supposed to do? Ask her to close down? Speak to the protesters and tell them she is bat shit crazy?"

As she was speaking, the radio on the Sheriff's shoulder went off, "Yes, Mike. I'm here." Pause. "Really?" Pause. "You've got to be kidding me?" Pause. The Sheriff chuckled,"If you have it under control, I'll do a ride by and meet you back at the office."

Bunny looked puzzled.

"I swear, nothing in this town should surprise me." He looked at Bunny, "Everything's OK now."

"That did not last long."

"Oh it gets better. Remember that crazy guy who just moved here to run the museum."

"Yes, Col Walker."

"And, remember his wife, who was proselytizing in the park the other morning with Buck."

"That's Winfred."

"Well, apparently she showed up, albeit in costume, took the leader of the protesters aside and spoke to her. The leader then called the group together and had a quiet chat. They quickly dispersed, got in their cars and left."

"Seriously?" Bunny said.

"And, get this, Mike thanked her for whatever she said to settle the situation. Her only comment was she simply asked them how could they protest against something, knowing they may be arrested. And if so,  they would have to prove that they knew what the business was. The authorities would certainly ask them how they were familiar with such businesses." The sheriff shook he head. "All I can say is Mrs. Walker is a very smart lady."

They talked for a few minutes then the Sheriff left.

Bunny decided to call it a day, what a day! All she could think of was a cold glass of wine on the porch, reading her favorite magazine, and watching Bootsy frolic on the front lawn of Ivy Lane. However those restful thoughts ended when she drove up to the house only to see a front loader and a team of men on her front lawn. The area was taped off. 

She parked her car and got out in total dismay. What the Hell? She walked up the man who seemed to be in charge. "Sir, can I ask what you are doing in my front yard."

"Are you Brunilda Vontese?"

"I am. But why are you in my yard?"

"Mam, I have a court order to dig up this area," he said, pointing toward the front lawn.

"What is all this about?"

"Mam, I don't know. I'm just following directions."

"It's after 5, I cannot call the court now, they are closed. Can you wait until tomorrow?"

"No mam, 'fraid not. I was told to be here around 4:30 today to start the project. Here's a number you can call, if you have questions." With that he gave her a piece of paper with a phone number on it.

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