Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Voodoo and the Town Scandal

Bunny walked Winfred out and gave her a hug. Winfred smiled at Della and told her "Good day". As soon as the door closed Della looked at Bunny. "I cannot wait to hear what that was about."

Bunny watched Winfred gather her long skirt and carefully walk down the steps. "Della, I don't even know where to start."

Luckily the phone rang and Bunny was spared, at least for a moment or 2. It was 'Miss' Ella. "Della is Bunny in? I just need a moment with her?"

"Yes mam, one moment."

"Bunny this is 'Miss' Ella for you."

Bunny stepped into her office and picked up her phone. "How are you doing 'Miss' Ella?"

"Oh dear, I am just wonderful. It is a beautiful day. But, that is not why I'm calling." She paused. "I just happened to be in Ed's this morning for a cup of coffee. Now mind you, I would only ask you this in the strictest confidence. You know I am not one to get into anyone's business. But, I heard Mae talking to Frank and Hollis. And, if I heard correctly, she said that Tula's daughter has moved to town. Do you know anything about this?"

" 'Miss' Ella why are you asking me?"

"Well I just thought you would know something?"

"I think it would be best if you asked Tula about this?"

"Oh, Bunny, you were just a child. It was the scandal of all scandals in this town. And then before we knew it, Tula was back with no mention of a child. Well, we didn't know what to think. Everyone involved just carried on as if nothing happened." 'Miss' Ella sighed. "Oh, dear, have I said too much?"

"No mam, I'm afraid not. But I feel Tula is the one to speak to."

"But she is so,"she paused,"so . . .unpleasant. Well, you know how she can be."

"Yes, I assure you I do." 

"Who all knows?"

"Well given Mae was talking about it, I would assume most of the town."

"Bunny, if it is any consolation, I want you to know that I feel so sorry for Anna Belle. That dear had to deal with Tula's seducing her husband after all that ugly mess she went through with Beau, which we all know, was also Tula's doing."

" 'Miss' Ella, that is all in the past."

"I guess so. Well, I enjoyed talking with you. Enjoy your day." They rang off.

Before she could even gather her thoughts, Joe, the town cop was standing at her desk. "Miss Bunny, I'm afraid I need you?"

"Has something happened?" Bunny thought about Mike, Vivian, Terse, Buzz, even her mother - who was sick or hurt or even worse. . .

"Miss Bunny, you know that house that the Haney's live in?"


"Well, you know the Widow Barker lives next door."

"Yes." Bunny just wished he would get to the meat of the matter.

"Seems the Widow Barker has decorated her yard with Voodoo symbols, including a doll hanging on the porch with pins in it. When the Haney's inquired about it, the Widow said the devil may have taken her husband's soul but he would not have hers."

Bunny just sat there thinking to herself, "This has to be a nightmare. What did I eat last night?"

Joe continued, "That was 2 days ago. This morning they awoke to find the Widow's yard decorated with large dolls wearing white skeleton masks. This was just too much for them, so they called us."

"Why are you coming to me?"

"Because the Haneys are so unsettled, they told me they wanted to move. I knew you had their lease and wanted to make you aware of this."

Bunny thanked him. Joe walked out and Bunny called Wade. After she told him the few details she knew, Wade laughed."You have got to be kidding, if I'm not dealing with hooch hiding gnomes now I have to handle a widow into voodoo and neighbors fearing a curse."

Bunny assured him her morning had been about as outrageous. They rang off and once again she tried to start working.

But she found it hard to concentrate. She wasn't sure if it was the present of the peignoir from a pious partner, town talk of a long lost love child, or the unexpected arrival of a caring uncle to adopt Vivian charges.

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