Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Bungee Bungee Jungle Virus

The following morning Dr. Magill went to the Sheriff's station to update him on the Widow Barker. "I was able to get her into a good facility in Montgomery. She will be in excellent hands there. The doctor who handled her initial check-up assured me that he thought she could fully recover from this state that she is in."

"Well, maybe that 'fun' part of our life is over for now," said Mike.

The Sheriff turned and looked at him,"Never say never son."

"OK, well maybe I have seen that floating ghost for the last time."

The Sheriff laughed. Dr. Magill looked puzzled. The Sheriff explained,"Apparently, in all the to-do with the Widow Barker, there was a ghost moving about."

"A ghost? Seriously?" asked Dr. Magill.

"You have to ask Mike. He is the only one who saw it. The only one, that I am aware of," said the Sheriff. "And he saw it twice."

Dr. Sadler turned to Mike,"I'm most interested, please fill me in."

Mike described seeing the 'ghost' for the first time, just before or after the Widow was aiming her shot gun at him. "The figure was clear, yet looked white. It had a face but nothing on the face. It did not walk, it just floated."

"And the 2nd time?"

"It was the following time we went to the Barker house - the time she escaped from your clinic. I just caught sight of the ghost out of the corner of my eye as it moved around the corner of the house."

"Have you seen it since?"

"Thank God, no. Twice was enough for my life time."

Dr. Magill said, "Give me a moment." With that the doctor walked out to his car and returned with his medical bag.

The Sheriff smiled,"You think something's wrong with his head also?"

"No, but Mike if you don't mind, I'd like to examine you."

"Sure," Mike said not knowing where this was going.

Dr. Magill held Mike's face in his 2 hands. He felt the top of his head. "Does any part of your head hurt?"

"No, sir."

"Any ear problems, pain, problems hearing?"

"No, sir."

"You don't wear glasses do you?" Dr. Magill said as he reached into his medical bag.

"No sir. I just had my eyes checked 3 months or so ago. My vision is 20/20 in both eyes."

Dr. Magill started examining Mike's eyes. "Wish I could say the same thing." He pointed to a small flash light into one of Mike's eyes. "Look up," he paused. "Look down," he paused again. "Now left, now right." Dr. Magill did the same thing to Mike's other eye. Then the doctor backed up.

Dr. Magill did a few more tests on Mike's reflexes, asked him about any recent illnesses he had had. Then he put his things back in your bag.

"Is my Deputy right in the head Doc?" asked the Sheriff with no seriousness in his voice.

"Oh, the issue is in his head, but he's fine."

"What?" asked Mike surprised.

"Didn't you have that virus last month. The one we never could identify?" Doctor Magill asked Mike. The Doctor continued," Now, there's no doubt in mind, you had the 'Belladonna mottle virus'."

"What the heck is that?" asked Mike.

"It is an odd virus only southerner's get. Some folks get very sick with it, others like you, just feel bad for several days and get over it quickly. Looking back on it - that purple rash that was only on the top of your left hand and the head ache you had only on the left side of your head are sure signs of the virus."

"So what does this have to do with the ghost."

"The 'Belladonna mottle virus' also effects your eyes. Most people have blurred vision for days, even after they feel better. However, another side effect on one's eye sight can be 'Sporatic Blurred Motion Effect'."

Mike just stood there, not having a clue what Dr. Magill was saying.

The Doctor continued."Stress makes the issue worst. 'Sporatic Blurred Motion Effect' causes small blurry pieces of film to break off and move across your eye. Usually, they move so quickly, one doesn't see them. A person just thinks they have something in their eye. In your case, I think the stress of suddenly running into the Widow Barker, caused it. However, in your case the piece did not move as fast as usual. A small piece of film going across your eye could have looked just like what you described as the ghost ."

"What about the 2nd incident? I wasn't stressed then."

"Like I said, it can happen anytime."

"You said you saw it in the corner of your eye? If so, my guess is that that was another piece of film."

"Damn," said the Sheriff. "Who knew?"

"Certainly not me," said Mike.

The 3 men talked for a while then Dr. Magill left. The Sheriff looked at Mike, "How 'bout next time you come down with the bungee bungee jungle virus you just stay home. I've never heard of a virus making you see ghosts."

The Sheriff laughed,"Seriously, I'm glad that mystery is solved. I've got enough problems dealing with folks in the flesh than to have to deal with the spririts also."

With that, he and Mike went back to work.

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