Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Certain Things That I Require

The sheriff finally got the picture of the policewoman from Montgomery. Neither he nor Mike recognized the name or the picture. After looking through the county records, tax list, and phone book, they could not find anyone with the name of 'Miranda', much less 'Miranda Davis'. They took the picture, the other profile information, photos of the car, and every other bit of evidence they had pertaining to Madison Marlboro's death and spread it out on the large table in the evidence room.

“If she stole the taser, she could have sold it,” commented Mike. 

“Could have,” replied the Sheriff as he flipped through the papers on the table.

Hollis came by to discuss the case. The Sheriff told him that he had spoken with Stella as well as the law firm. The only issue was Madison's drinking. All else seemed going well. Madison and Stella were supposedly looking forward to their 25th wedding anniversary and a trip they had planned to the islands. Also, their oldest son, Knox, would be graduating from college this spring. Other than his drinking, the law firm could not come up with any problems either.

“What about Stella’s trip?”

“I checked with her sister and she confirmed the time Stella was there. Her sister also said they were out with friends Wednesday night, if we needed their names.”

They discussed the stolen to taser. “Even it were sold, we would not know where to start looking for a thief. 

Mary Lou walked in. "Ruthanne Flynn just called. I told her that you were out.”

“Jesus, I wish she would stop. She’s only trying to get money.”

Hollis looked up. “Who is Ruthanne Flynn?”

The Sheriff told him about Ruthanne and Delmar. “He swears he saw 2 men putting a body in a BMW on Boulevard, late Wednesday night.”

“You don’t believe him?”

“No, he’s a drunk. Every time he comes in with some story, he was on his way home from a bar and basically shit faced. What kind of witness would he make?”

“Every time? How many times has he been in?” “Oh, he was in here a month or so ago, swearing he had seen 2 men late one night, putting a body in a car in the church parking lot.”

“You don’t think he is credible?”

“No. I think he is henpecked and that unpleasant wife of his, hears about someone dying and comes up with a story.  Delmar was always there and witnessed something. He gets so drunk every night, I'm surprised he can stand up, much less, remember something he saw. Heaven knows how many times we have dragged his ass out of someone’s bushes or off their lawn. He couldn’t make it home, how could he reliably remember what he saw, if indeed he did see something?”

“Rascal, if Madison Marlboro wasn’t killed in his car where we found him, unless he dragged his own dead body into his car then drove home, someone had to do it?”

“So you think Delmar's story is credible?”

“What other witnesses do you have?”

“He won’t talk unless Ruthanne tells him he can open his mouth. And that is not going to happen until Ruthanne gets her grimy paws on some cold cash.”

“Rascal, he is saying he saw it twice.”

"I’ve seen pink elephants several times, but that doesn’t make them real.”

Hollis picked up the the picture and the profile of the fired policewoman from Montgomery County. “Seriously? Miranda Davis? Huh." Hollis looked up, "I think I can help you here. This Miranda works at the Gentlemen's Club. No one can forget that fiery red hair."

“Seriously? If that's the case, maybe we should pay Annabella a visit?" The Sheriff looked at Mike, then added, "Better yet, let's get her to come here. We don't want to stir up any suspicion.”

At the Quinton home, Kathleen and Dixie were having a stand off. Dixie would not give into Kathleen's wishes. “You just don't understand. This is your chance to shine and celebrate.”

“You mean your chance to shine and celebrate.” Kathleen paused. "Mama, we want to get married at the Church of the Seven Wells and Three Stones.”

“Well, that's impossible. That church will only seat 75 to 100 people - at most."

"And the problem is?"

“The guest list is over 350 already.”

“Well then you can choose who doesn't need to attend – or I will," Kathleen smiled. “In fact, you invite 25 people. Mrs. Beauregard can invite about 25 people. Jeb and I will invite 50 of our friends"

Dixie wasn't sure how to handle this. She tried to argue but it was no use. Kathleen walked over to her mother’s desk. She picked up the 40 pages of paper that constituted her Mother’s list. As she did she saw a letter on the desk.

She picked it up. This couldn't be? The letter was on expensive cotton bond corporate stationary. She started reading. "Mrs. Quinton, your proposal is most interesting. I am available May 20. We would like to help make the occasion even more special. That said, there are certain things that I require:

  • The guest list has to be at least 300 people and firm. Once they know I am coming it will be a zoo;
  • I would prefer a unique venue. Churches are so common for weddings;
  • I will need a place for me and my six assistants to stay;
  • After meeting the bride, I will suggest a proper gown;
  • Please send me what you have in mind for the invitations;
  • We have experience working with Beŕnerd, but make sure he knows that I will be assisting;
  • We can discuss the flowers at a later time. I need to see the venue first;
  • As for the attendants, please have the bride select three. Any more and it will look a pageant,  fewer and it will give the wrong appearance;
  • They need to be attractive young ladies. One that is a little overweight can ruin the pictures. If the bride doesn't have three ladies who would be appropriate, I'll be happy for one of my assistants to stand in; 
  • I would like to discuss all of this with you and the bride. Can we set up a video conference call next week? Depending on the event and the venue, I may select it to be highlighted in the June issue of my brides magazine

I look forward to working with you and the bride sincerely, . . .

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