Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Cordelia and the Tea

Earlier Thursday morning, Cordelia had just learned that Jeb and Kathleen were getting married. Even though it was early, she immediately called Dixie. "I am so thrilled. I know you and Harrell are also."

"We are all ecstatic. Honestly, we didn't see it coming. And, oh my goodness, the idea of a wedding - it is just overwhelming. Jeb is from such a good family."

"I'm sure you'll have it all under control soon."  But Cordelia knew Dixie did not have to worry about that. The way she raised her daughter, it was amazing Kathleen turned out as normal as she had. And, despite her fuss, the wedding had been planned for several years.

"As you imagine I have been busy getting the venues booked, making sure we have a reservation with La Petit Maison de Délice in New Orleans for the wedding cake. Of course, we have been assured Beŕnerd will personally design a unique cake for Kathleen. You know he is who Reese Witherspoon had make her wedding cake."

"I'm sure the cake will be divine. Dixie, I thought you had to have a reservation a year or so in advance to be able to get Beŕnerd?"

"Oh, you do. Sometimes 18 months in advance."

Cordelia was quite and just let Dixie expound on the plans for the grand affair. As Dixie rattled on, Cordelia was thinking. 'So now Dixie could have the dream wedding.  Kathleen had been brought up as Dixie's idea of the perfect southern lady. She had micro managed her daughter's life. It would have been quite humorous if Kathleen had fallen in love with someone Dixie deemed below her.'

Cordelia finally interrupted Dixie, "I do know you are busy and do not want to take any more of your time. However, I would like to give Kathleen a nice tea. I was thinking 15-20 ladies. I'll have it at the Tea Room."

"Oh, dear Cordelia, that is so sweet of you to offer."

"Dixie, I'm not offering, I'm planning it. I know the calendar is going to get filled up with showers, dinners, and such. I want to get a date settled,"  Cordelia laughed.

"Well, I'll have to look." Dixie paused. "Oh dear, this calendar is quite full."

Before Dixie could say anything, Cordelia added,"I was thinking Sunday afternoon, March 18th. Any date later will put us into Easter. Earlier, . . . well I need to give our guests enough lead time. There are other brides this spring. You wouldn't want the guests to regret the invitation due to an earlier invitation for another bride."

To keep things pleasant, Cordelia changed the subject. "How are the wedding plans going? 

Dixie was very enthused. "Very well. But there is already talk about Kathleen being the Bride of the season, I cannot imagine someone regretting an invitation to a party her in honor.  Why, just trying to decide who we will not be able to invite to the wedding is difficult. A guest list of 300 causes me to have to cut somewhere. I just do not want to hurt anyone's feelings. And everyone wants to be there."

Cordelia interrupted her, "Oh my dear, such decisions." Cordelia was getting weary of Dixie. "March 18th, does that suit?"

"Of, course. I just looked and that will be a good date."

"Don't you want to discuss this with Kathleen?"

"No need to bother her. I'm sure it will suit. We are both so excited. Thank you Cordelia."

"I'm looking forward to it. Just send me a guest list of 15-20 ladies."  Dixie agreed and they rang off. 

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