Sunday, February 25, 2018

Marilyn's We Rent It All

The wedding war was on. Dixie and Kathleen were past the minor skirmishes. "I just do not understand why I am not making some of these decisions or, at least, having some say in my own wedding," Kathleen exclaimed.

"Well, I understand how you feel, but you can trust me. I will make wise choices. Wait, you will be thrilled." Dixie took another bite of chicken salad. She continued,"Now about your wedding gown, do you want to go to Atlanta or New Orleans to look at gowns?'' There was silence,"Or we could go to New York City, certainly anything you have in mind could be found there."

Looking up from her salad, Kathleen replied. "I already have chosen my gown." She had not yet, but Dixie would not know that.

Dixie was shocked, didn't Kathleen understand that one didn't just 'select' a wedding gown. It took time and the right shops. In a very excited voice Dixie said,"Oh, sweetheart, you are going to wear my wedding gown, the one I wore when I married your father." She added very quickly, "Well, in that case, we need to get the gown to Ada at Heddie's to be altered." She paused,"Your doing that, means so much to me."

"No, I'm not wearing your wedding dress." Kathleen moved along quickly," The gown I have found,  the gown I really want is coming from New York."

"New York City? Did you and Jeb sneak off for special weekend.?You didn't let him see the gown, did you." Dixie smiled,"That would be bad luck you know."

"Mama the dress is coming from Rochester, NY, from a shop called 'Marilyn's We Rent it All'." She continued,"I'm not buying a dress, I am going to rent one." Kathleen sat back to enjoy her mother's expression.

"Rent your wedding dress? Have you lost your mind? No one 'rents' a dress. And from a place called 'Marylyn's' whatever - in upstate NY."

Sarcastically, Kathleen hushed her mother, "Mamma, from the tone of your voice, other's in this room may think we are squabbling." 

"How do you know want kind of person wore the dress? I can just imagine some big mouthed girl from New York wearing the dress. No telling what she did in the dress. Did you consider that?" She paused,"Kathleen, it is a used dress."

"Yes, it is. If you can select a 'palette of purples and lavenders' for my wedding, then I can choose the gown I am going to wear."

Dixie, still not over this, said, "Kathleen, what if someone finds out you are wearing a used wedding dress, from New York, no less?" Kathleen really thought her mother was going to break down into tears. "Do you realize what an insane decision like that could cost me my position in society?" Dixie sat back in her chair, "You have no idea what repercussions such a bad decision on your part will have on the family."

They were quiet for a while as they finished their salads. "Oh, I knew there was something else, I needed to tell you." said Dixie. "I was on the wedding channel the other night and saw something that we must have at the wedding."

'Dear God, what is she going to say now?' thought Kathleen. 

"There was this wedding in a beautiful old wooden church. At the end of the service before the Bride and Groom recessed down the aisle, the minister announced, 'Please look under your seat and you will see a small box.' Naturally there was much noise  as everyone looked under the pews. Sure enough there was a small white box with a white ribbon tied around it for each guest. The Minister continued, 'Everyone, please hold the box up high, untie the ribbon, and open it."

Dixie just smiled and shook her head, "Oh, Kathleen, you would not believe how beautiful it was."

"The guests opening boxes was beautiful?"

"No, silly. From each box, a lovely blue butterfly emerged and flew off. Then there was this incredible cloud of the blue butterflies over head, as the Bride and Groom recessed."

Having had enough, Kathleen said,"Well Mama that will not work for this wedding. You know blue butterflies will clash with the purple palette of colors you have chosen. We can't have that now can we?"

Finished with her meal as well as her mother, Kathleen stood up, put a 20 dollar bill on the table, and said, "This should cover my lunch and tip for Grace."

As she walked past her mother's chair, Dixie reached and gently held Kathleen's arm. "You really were kidding about the rented gown, weren't you?"

"No, mama, I am not. The more I think about it, I really wish we had eloped."

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