Friday, February 23, 2018

Trust and Covert Plans

While Dixie was planning her grand affair (aka Kathleen's Wedding), Jeb and Kathleen decided they were just going to get married on their own terms. Kathleen got her father's blessing. For the sake of peace, Harrell, Kathleen, and Jeb made a pack to keep the plans from Dixie. As her father said, "For the sake of world peace, if nothing else."

The 3 of them knew there would be hell to pay when she found out. But Harrell assured Kathleen it was worth it.

Jeb and Kathleen met with the priest at the Church of the Seven Wells and Three Stones. He agreed to perform the ceremony. They stuck with May 20th as the date. Kathleen called Mrs. Beauregard and explained what was going on. Mrs. Beauregard was most sympathetic and assured Kathleen she would keep these plans to herself. She reminded Kathleen that if she needed anything, to please call. Quietly, Mrs. Beauregard was thinking 'Jesus. She would never let the kids know, but the idea of being Mother of the Groom at Dixie Quinton's wedding was her idea of Hell'.

Kathleen and Jeb decided to keep the guest list small with only close friends and family at the ceremony. Then their reception would be open to more friends and family. Once Dixie realized that 'her' wedding was going to be short a Bride and a Groom, it would all be over but the crying.

In making the alternate plans, Kathleen was too embarrassed to even mention the Martha Stewart as part of her nightmare. Thankfully, Ms. Stewart had made Dixie sign a confidentiality agreement, preventing her from saying anything about MSL being involved in the wedding plans prior to the event.

Kathleen called Lue Ellen Wadsworth to see if she would make them a wedding cake. "But, my dear, I'm confused. Your mother told me, just yesterday, at the Beauty Parlor that Beŕnerd from New Orleans was baking your cake. You know I saw some of his work on the 'Food Channel'. It was so beautiful, it almost didn't look real." Lue Ellen laughed and continued, "The only other person I want to meet in Martha Stewart. Now that lady can throw a wedding."

"Yes mam." Kathleen said and just moved along. " 'Miss' Lue Ellen, you know I have loved your sour cream lemon pound cake since I was knee high to a grasshopper." Kathleen said and then went on to explain the alternate plan.

"Sweetheart, you know I would love to bake the cake for you."

Once again, she had to ask someone to keep the plans quiet. Like, the Priest, Lue Ellen had no problem with this plan. As long as she did not have to deal with Dixie, she would be just fine. 

Lavenia jumped on the opportunity to do the flowers for the wedding like white on rice. "Kathleen, I would love to do them."

After Kathleen explained the situation, Lavenia added, "I can assure you your secret is safe with me." This thrilled Lavenia since Dixie had snubbed her when choosing a florist for the wedding. Not only did she select someone from Mobile, Dixie made sure everyone in town knew she had secured a 'professional floral designer' to handle the flowers for the wedding versus a 'local' florist who would never be able to rise to the task in Dixie's opinion.

As for the reception, both Kathleen and Jeb wanted it to be a very enjoyable event at a great location. Dixie's plan for a stiff affair with a receiving line and white gloves was not Kathleen's nor Jeb's idea of a good time, given it was the most important day, so far, in their lives. 

After some thought, Kathleen had an idea. Knowing it would involve an apology that was long due, she made the call. After some small talk, Kathleen said, "Bunny, I want to apologize if I said anything inappropriate or hurtful when I learned you and Jeb had been out a couple of times. Honestly, I was jealous because it never dawned on me that he could be interested in anyone else. In addition to the apology, I probably need to thank you."

"For what?" asked Bunny, not expecting to get this call.

"Well, when I realized that I could not take Jeb for granted, it truly made me appreciate him."

"Kathleen, I just did not understand that the 2 of you were an item." Bunny laughed,"Besides, he's cuter than a bunny in April, I don't blame you for holding onto to him."

Kathleen laughed,"I've never heard that but I agree with you." She paused. "Bunny, I know this is asking a lot, but Jeb and I would love to rent the front lawn of Ivy Lane for our wedding reception."

Bunny was thrilled,"Of course you can have your reception at Ivy Lane, that would be wonderful. But, there is no way, you are going to 'rent' it." She paused,"Why not let me host it." 

Oh, no, no, no, you don't need to do that. But I do need one other thing." Kathleen explained the issue with Dixie and that all these plans needed to be held in strict confidence.

Bunny died laughing, "Honey, you don't have to worry about that. Trust me, I can relate. Just the idea of my mama planning my wedding gives me the heebee jeebees. Oh, this will be so fun!" She paused. "We can put a chocolate fountain on the front porch. I went to one wedding where they played 'wedding games', you know like 'bridal shower games' - it was so much fun." She paused, but not long enough for Kathleen to get a word in. "We can give all the guests a gift, like Hershey Kisses wrapped in tin foil. You know, tied with a bow."

Kathleen hoped this Genie could go back in the bottle. "Oh Bunny, thank you. This will make our wedding so much more special. But you don't have to worry about anything. We will have it all taken care and I promise. And, the lawn will be cleaned after the reception. You'll never know we were there." Kathleen tried to remember what else she needed to tell Bunny. "Oh, and the date is May 20th."

"I'll put it on my calendar."

"Thank you so much. And, don't you worry about anything, we have it all planned."

"Oh, I'm so excited . . . a wedding!" squealed Bunny. 

They rang off.

All Kathleen could think of was 'The good news - they were having their reception at Ivy Lane. But the bad news may be - Bunny's helpful ideas. Bless her heart.' Kathleen knew Bunny meant well. 

Anna Belle was waiting for Wade's call. She was very impatient. She was also confused. Normally she relied on her instincts. This time, she felt loss. Then she remembered Reeza and the 3 cards. She had totally dismissed the encounter. Thinking back on it, that was the 2nd time she ignored her instincts. But, who would expect her to take tarot cards from someone resembling a Disney wicked witch, seriously. How could she ever forget the Reeza's words from the cards? 'Don't believe everything you hear. Someone is not being truthful. You seek the truth.'

Wade finally called back. He assured Anna Belle that no one saw them move the bodies. Clark and Hank were 'on-board'. Wade had shared what Anna Belle had learned from Rascal, as well as what she had discovered in Miranda's room with both men. "My advice is to call Rascal. Tell him what you found and let it go from there." Again, he assured her it was OK. "Anna Belle, trust me."

They rang off.

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