Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Coveted Invitation to the Bridal Shower

Cordelia's Bridal Shower for Kathleen was held at the Tea Room as scheduled.  She had reserved the additional dining room off the main dining room. Knowing the size of the room, Cordelia had asked Dixie to give her a list of 15-20 ladies, she and Kathleen would like to invite. Dixie had come back saying that she needed to invite more.

2 weeks before the shower, Dixie finally got her list to Cordelia. Irritated by her delay in getting the names to her, Cordelia was even more aggravated after reading through the list. Cordelia called Dixie.

"Good morning Dixie, do you have a moment?"

"Yes, but just a moment. I'm expecting Luigi anytime now. For some reason he'll only work with me for an hour, so want to make sure I am ready for him."

"I'll try to be brief. You may need to call me back later."

Dixie asked,"You did get my list didn't you?"

"Yes, and that is why I'm calling. Going over it I was surprised. There were a few ladies not listed whom I was certain, you would have included. Perhaps it was an oversight?"

A bit bewildered, Dixie looked at her watch. "Like whom? I had to invite Blanche Jackson since I invited Ada Mae Magillicully."

"I didn't realize you were so close to Ada Mae."

"Only socially, but her husband is a state senator. You know, one of the Mobile elite."

"And, Stella Marlboro is not on the list, nor is Ella Osborne? You know Ella will be hurt if she isn't included. She thinks the world of Kathleen" Cordelia held her frustration but added,"If I am correct, Ella taught Kathleen how to bake."

"But you know, I needed to invite my college roommate, Amy. She writes for the Mobile Press Register. I'm sure she will want to write an article about the Shower for the Register's social column."

"Yes," Cordelia paused. "I'm sure she will do that." Knowing full well as sweet and accomplished Kathleen was, this little soiree was not going to mentioned on the Sunday social page of the Mobile Press Register. She would just let Dixie live in her dream world. Cordelia continued, "And Charlotte Beauregard? Certainly that was an error."

"I had to cut somewhere. As much as I know this is a coveted invitation, the wedding invitations will be even more prized. I thought we would add her there."

Cordelia was short, "Dixie, I think we need to invite Charlotte. Remember she is the Mother of the Groom."

"Oh dear, I guess that does make a difference." Dixie paused and thought. "I'm sure you can add her to your guest list."

'Guess?' Cordelia thought. However before Cordelia could answer, she heard Dixie's doorbell ring. 

"Oh, that must Luigi." Dixie looked at her watch, "He is always on time. Cordelia, can we finish this later?"

"Dear, I'm afraid not. The invitations are already a week late being mailed. And, you have the entire list. I gave you the number of people we could accommodate at the Tea Room." She paused, then added, "Also, I do not recognize any of the guests as Kathleen's friends. Are they all from out of town? I'm sure you included some of them." Cordelia changed her tone to a bit excited. "That will be  so nice to meet her friends."

Dixie was getting aggravated. Cordelia had given her the number of guests for her to invite. Certainly, Kathleen had her own number. These women, Dixie mentioned, had to be included. After all they were the 'elite' of Mobile.

"Dixie, why are you inviting people Kathleen doesn't even know and not including her friends." Cordelia started laughing. "One would think you are the Bride!"

"Can't we just add a few more ladies. I don't even have Joan Monroe, Loretta Buchanan, or, Lord, we have to invite Lucinda Shackelford."

"Shackelford? As in the Lieutenant Governor Shackelford's wife?"

"Oh, of course. I would not want to hurt her feelings, since  . . ."

Cordelia had lost patience. "Dixie you gave me a list of 35 ladies. The room will only seat 25 at most. We certainly don't want the guests to be uncomfortable. Surely 'we' can work on the list. At least the Mother of the Groom has to be invited."

"Of course, of course," Dixie laughed nervously. "You know I just assumed she would be invited."

"I am not 'assuming' anything. Can you get back to me this afternoon with a manageable number. And, please let Kathleen invite some of her friends. Dixie," Cordelia paused, "she is the Bride. The party is for her."

They rang off and Dixie hurried down to the den where she knew Luigi was waiting. She had already lost 15 minutes of her time with him. 'Honestly', Dixie thought to herself. 'Cordelia can fit a few more women in for the Shower.'

Cordelia had something else in mind. She called Kathleen. "Dear, your mother and I are trying to put the guest list together for your Bridal Shower. I'm sure you understand that side room in the Tea House, is only so big."

"Oh, 'Miss' Cordelia. I am so excited about the shower. A smaller group is much more intimate." She paused. "To be honest, the larger the room, the more people my mother will invite."

"Probably so." Cordelia laughed. "Well, looking over the guest list, I don't recognize any of your friends."

"Well, that would be because I did not make up the list. In fact, I was not even consulted about the list. It wasn't worth the fight."

"Well, we are going to do something about this. The Shower is for you and I think you should invite whomever you wish. Do you think you can get me the names and addresses by this evening."

"Of course, they are all in my contacts list. I'll drop it by as soon as I get it written out. Thank you."

"One other thing."

"Yes mam, anything you want."

"Let's just not tell your mother about this."

"No, mam, I can promise you that will not happen."

Cordelia and Kathleen discussed other details about the shower and numbers of guests. Then they rang off.

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