Monday, March 19, 2018

We Have to Welcome Them to Town

After much unpleasant discussion between Kathleen and Dixie, Harrell intervened. "Kathleen just to bring peace in our house, please go with your mother to see this place - whatever it is called."

Kathleen was in her father's office. She had come to plead her case. But, he had had enough."You don't have to like it."

Kathleen just stared at him.

"Just go to visit the place."

"OK," said Kathleen dejected.

As she turned to walk out of his office, Harrell added,"And, for God's sake, if you don't like it, don't say anything to your mother until you get home."

"Yes, sir," Kathleen said as she walked out of the office.

At the rental office, 'Miss' Ella and Rayanne walked in together. That was always the sure sign of something amiss.

Della just shook her head,"Why do I think you are up to something?"

Rayanne smiled, "Now Della, you know us, we are always good." 

'Miss' Ella looked at Rayanne. "Good at what?"

Both the older women giggled. Della stopped what she was doing and gave them her attention, if nothing else out of curiosity, "OK, what's up ladies?"

"We just got back from visiting the Eldridge twins."

Della interrupted,"I didn't realize y'all were good friends."

"We're not," added 'Miss' Ella.

"Any way," said Rayanne continuing, "we took them some of Ella's special banana bread." 

"You know, we just thought we would be neighborly." Ella looked at Rayanne. "And, congratulate them on their upcoming nuptials."

Before Della could say anything, Rayanne continued the story, "I really did not believe Ella, until they showed us pictures of the lucky men. I swear one of them, looks just like Donald Sutherland."

"And, the other one, like I said," 'Miss' Ella added excitedly, "The other one looks just like Sam Elliott."

"So, I've heard," said Della, waiting for the rest of the story to stumble from the 2 of them.

"But, they do look just like those 2 men. But, that's not why we are here." Rayanne smiled widely, "They told us that their gentlemen friends are arriving tomorrow."

"Wow!, That's earlier than I thought," said Della.

"We were thinking that some of us should be there when they arrive. You know, to show support." said 'Miss' Ella.

Rayanne added, "You know, to welcome them to town.?

"And, they are OK with this?"

"Not exactly," said Rayanne. Without taking a breath, she continued, "But we know they will be overjoyed when the see us there."

"Are they flying into Mobile or Montgomery and renting a car?"

"No, we'll meet them in front of Ed's."

Della looked confused. Rayanne continued,"That's where their bus will come. You are probably too young to know that Ed's is also the bus station."

Della shook her head. Once again 'Miss' Ellie, didn't let her start. "But that doesn't matter. We'll have balloons and a big banner welcoming them to Gallagher."

Sarcastically, Della added, "Why not have a marching band?"

Rayanne was thrilled. "We didn't think of that. That's a great idea. Ella don't you know Mike Gee's mother? Remember she is the one who does everything with the high school band. I bet you could ask her."

'Miss' Ellie pulled a small pad and pencil from her coordinating purse. As she jotted a quick note, without looking up, she said, "I'll do that this afternoon."

Della, getting tired of this show, laughed and said, "Well that's that. Looks like you 2 have it all under control."

Rayanne looked at Ella,"Let's go. We need to find the balloons."

As they walked out, Della heard one of them say, "Oh, we have to have flowers, you know a corsage for Flora and Cora. The other one replied, "Then we have to get 2 boutonnieres. Finally the door closed.

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