Wednesday, April 18, 2018

I Told You We Were Late

Bunny felt like she was in a dream as she followed Vivian and Della from the Bride's room. Buzz was standing at the bottom of the steps watching her descend. "Bunny, you are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen." He gave her a warm hug. Della and Vivian also hugged Bunny. "I am so excited for you and Mike," said Vivian. She and Della left Bunny and walked toward the patio.

For the first time, Bunny noticed Wade standing there. He took a few steps toward her. "Bunny, you make a beautiful bride." He offered his arm, "It would be my pleasure if you would give me the honor of giving you away."

Unable to speak, Bunny just smiled.

Anna Belle gave her daughter a kiss on her cheek. "You know I love you." 

Still in a fog, Bunny could only nod her head.

"Let's get you seated," Buzz said as he offered Anna Belle his arm. He smiled as his mother took his arm. The 2 of them then walked through the hall onto the patio. 

As Bunny and Wade walked out onto the patio, it was empty. Then she saw everyone seated on the lawn in rows of white chairs. Suddenly Bunny stopped walking. She looked at Wade and in a hushed voice said, "Oh gosh, Wade, I can't get married today. Not now."

"Why not?" asked Wade. "Everyone's here. And I think Mike is going to pop wide open if I don't get you down this aisle."

"Wade, you don't understand. Kathleen and Jeb's reception is being held this afternoon at Ivy Lane. I've got to get back."

With a big smile, Wade looked at her, "Bunny, trust me. Kathleen and Jeb will understand." Bunny was still hesitant. "Bunny, do you trust me?"

"Of course."

"Then let's go." With that the music started. They made their way down the staircase to the lawn. There was a sudden swish of clothes and chairs, as the guest stood and turned to see the bride. It was then she saw Mike standing up front waiting for her. He, too, had changed and was wearing a sharp tuxedo. However, she was more surprised to see a third bridesmaid. Kathleen was standing with Della and Vivian in a matching purple dress.

Considering Bunny wasn't sure what to do, all went well and in a few minutes Mr. and Mrs. Michael Pace walked back down the aisle. As guests gathered around Bunny on the patio, she kept an eye out for Kathleen. Finally both Kathleen and Jeb walked up.

"What a beautiful bride." Kathleen said as both she and Jeb gave Bunny a hug.

"But, I'm not supposed to be the bride, you are."

"I am the bride and it is wonderful." Bunny was confused. Then Kathleen held out her hand. On her ring finger was a golden band along with her engagement ring.

"Where, when? What about your reception?" Nothing was making sense to Bunny.

Mike walked up and put his arm around Bunny's waist. He looked at Kathleen and Jeb. "They got married at the the church this morning."

"We're still going to have our reception at Ivy Lane," said Kathleen in a very excited voice. "Later this afternoon, just like we planned it." Kathleen paused, "That is, if it still suits you."

"But . . ." Bunny was totally addled.

Mike assured her it was all taken care of. "So, just enjoy this. Don't worry. "Mike kissed her lightly on the forward.

All Bunny could say was, "I'm so lucky to have you."

Across the patio, Dixie was trying to find Kathleen. "Harrell, I have to find her. It is time for us to leave."

Harrell just stood there and watched his wife work herself into a stew. Finally, Dixie saw Kathleen talking with some friends.

"Kathleen! We need to go."

Kathleen was very irritated now. Not only was she totally embarrassed by her mother at times like this, Dixie being three sheets to wind after many flutes of champagne, made it worse. She excused herself from the group and walked over to Dixie. "No, Mama, we do not need to go."

"Do you know what time it is? You're supposed to be at The Columns in an hour to get ready."

"Mama, I'm not going to The Columns to get married."

"But, it's your wedding day. Now you don't want to marry, get married?" Dixie was having some problems with her speech."To him, "she paused and pointed toward Jeb, "Jeff, Joe, or whatever his name is."

This was the moment Kathleen had been waiting for all day. "Mama, Jeb and I got married this morning before we came here."

Dixie started to say something, but stopped. "Married? Your, oh what's it called? wedding, your wedding is this afternoon."

"No, Mama, that is your wedding. The one you have planned for years is supposed to be at The Columns this afternoon."

"Did you get married there?" Dixie looked for Harrell, "What time is it any way?" Dixie paused, then she yelled, "Harrell we missed the wedding! We are late. I told you we were late."

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