Sunday, April 8, 2018

Finally, The Day of the Wedding

The weather Saturday morning was perfect and the forecast promised the warm sun to continue into the afternoon.  So, the day of the wedding had finally arrived. Bunny was very nervous about the final details for the reception since it was at Ivy Lane. Mike walked around the house from the driveway.  She looked up, "Oh, thank God you are here. I am so scared that something will go wrong."

"What can go wrong? Lavinia is handling the flowers, Lue Ellen is making the cake, and the food is being catered by Hattie and the Tea Room."

"I guess it will all be OK."

"It will, I promise."

Bunny looked at Mike, "I am so excited."

"About what?"

"The wedding, I just love weddings." She laughed, "Of course those other than mine."

Mike just smiled. He could only imagine her as a bride.

"But we're not going there. Thank God that is behind me."

Mike just laughed. One never knew what Bunny would say. Then he got a bit serious. "You never told me exactly why you are hosting Kathleen and Jeb's reception."

As they walked across the lawn, Bunny shared the story of Kathleen's nightmare, going into details of some of the issues Kathleen had had with Dixie.

"Since the reception will not be until 4 this afternoon, let's go to brunch."

Bunny protested, "I can't leave this place. What if something happens?"

"Didn't we just discuss Lavinia, Hattie, and Lue Ellen handling the details? After all what can go wrong? We'll be back well before the reception."

"Do I need to change clothes?" Bunny asked looking down at her black "Galloping Gallagher Goats" sweat shirt and leopard leggings. And her hair was a mess."

Before she could protest, Mike took her hand, "Let's go. You don't want to be late getting back."

Bunny shook her head,"I guess it will be OK. Let me check with everyone here to see if they need me."

Everyone assured Bunny that the preparations were in order and she had nothing to worry about. Mike opened the passenger door of Bunny's Mercedes for her. Then he got behind the wheel and they drove down the long drive and turned right on the county road.

"So where are we going? What's the secret?"

Mike kept his eyes on the road, "No secret, it's just a great place for brunch." He looked at her, "When was the last time we had brunch out of town."

"Out of town? Mike you know I have to be back for the reception, and look at how I am dressed. You could have at least given me time to change my top. I just bought a great little black beaded one just to wear with these pants."

Mike had to laugh to himself. 'Pants?' He thought. 'More like something spray painted on. But, that was Bunny and that was one reason he loved her so much.'

The drive was shorter than Bunny feared. She was relieved since they could eat and she could be back in plenty of time. Mike turned off the  main road through large wrought iron gates that led to a tree lined drive.

"What is this?"

"Where we are having brunch - Chateau Belmont."

"I've never been here."

"Well, it's a special place to me. I spent a bunch of time here when I was growing up."

Suddenly Bunny was speechless. Before them was this beautiful castle. It looked like the pictures she remembered in her childhood fairy tale books.

Mike drove the car up to front entrance. A valet was quickly at Bunny's door, opening it for her. Mike spoke a few friendly words to the young man as he handed him the keys to the Mercedes.

Mike put his arm around Bunny's waist as she turned around to look at the landscaped grounds, then back at the castle. She turned to say something to Mike, but he was on one knee, holding a velvet box.

"Brunilda Vontese, will you marry me?"

Bunny was shocked. This was the last thing she expected. She didn't say a word.

"Bunny?" Mike asked, for the first time fearful that this was not a good idea.

"Oh, Mike, yes, yes, yes." Mike should have known his fears were totally unfounded. Then Bunny was so shocked, she was almost speechless.  However, the silence didn't last very long as Bunny started rattling. "Oh, a wedding! I get to plan a wedding. I want to get married in the fall, and at Ivy Lane. Ivy Lane is prettiest in the fall." She paused, "Oh, I know everyone thinks the spring is better . . ."

He put the ring on Bunny's finger. It was a lovely stone in an old fashion setting. She looked at it and thought, 'This is so much more beautiful that all the jewelry I have at home'.

Mike smiled, "Sweetheart, there is enough time to plan." Before she could get her feelings hurt, he added, "Besides, I'm hungry. Let's get brunch. Remember, you have Kathleen's reception this afternoon."

Suddenly Bunny remembered the reception at Ivy Lane. "How could I forget? We need to eat and get back."

Music floated from a large patio. Both Mike and Bunny turned and their eyes followed the music. 'This place is so romantic,' thought Bunny.

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