Friday, April 6, 2018

I Love the New Hairdo.

Having not seen the Eldridges for several days, Rayanne decided she needed to pay them a visit. She hoped they were not staying hold up in their house, despondent over shunning the Johnson brothers. Flora opened the door. Rayanne almost did not recognize her. She had never seen either one of the sisters with makeup on, much less their cut in a very stylish look. Both ladies were wearing nice looking casual clothes - a pretty pink sweater set and dress tan colored pants. Even their shoes were new. Rather than the usual athletic shoes, they were both wearing nice leather flats.

Rayanne quickly recovered. "Y'all look so nice. I love the new hairdo."

Sheepishly, Flora replied, "It's going to take getting used to."

Cora added, "Millie promised us it would be easy to care for. We'll see." She paused,"Well, come on in."

Rayanne stepped into the front room expecting the extensive, floor to ceiling, collection of gnomes and gnome paraphernalia. She was surprised, instead of the creepy little people, to see dozens of boxes.

Before she could say anything, Flora spoke,"Excuse the mess, we are packing."

"Please don't tell me you are moving," asked Rayanne. Certainly, she thought, this debacle with the Johnsons had not forced them to feel as if they need to leave town.

They both laughed. Flora answered, "Oh, no." She looked at Cora, as if she was asking for permission to go on. "We just decided we needed to make some changes." She laughed,"The first thing on the list was the little people."

Assuming she was referring to the gnomes, Rayanne said, "But, you have collected them for so long?"

"It is time to move on," said Flora dismissively.

Remembering the reason for her visit - to make sure they did not feel dejected, Rayanne changed the subject. "I just stopped by to make sure the 2 of you were doing OK. I can only imagine how this week has been," she paused. "You know, a bit unsettling."

"We do not need any sympathy. It was our mistake. We were simple fools to think we could find a set of twin men, our age, who would be interested in us." Cora stopped. "Life goes on and so should we."

"Is there anything I can do?"

"No, but we appreciate your concern."

This last statement was more frightening than their new clothes and hairstyles. These women never acted obliged to anyone for anything. Rayanne just smiled. "You know we are here, if we can do anything to help. After all, that is what makes Gallagher so special - we look after each other." The 3 women spoke for a while before Rayanne announced she needed to go.

Rayanne could not wait to call Ella on her way back. "You will not believe what I just saw." She went on to tell her all about her visit with the Eldridges.

Ella's reaction was just,"While I'll be!"

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