Friday, April 13, 2018

The Story Continues

Mike and Bunny could see people mingling on the patio where the music was coming from. "Look", said Bunny, "It looks like a wedding." She paused. "This is the kind of place I figured Kathleen and Jeb would get married."

"Maybe they are," Mike said with a smile.

"Oh, I hope not. If it is, I won't be back in time for the reception at Ivy Lane."

"Bunny, I was just kidding. They are getting married at the church."

"Wait," Bunny stopped walking. "Kathleen told me her mother had planned the wedding at some fancy place. I can't remember the name. Maybe it is here?" Bunny was very serious.

Mike put his arm through Bunny's. "You are way too worked up about Kathleen's wedding. Remember, there are folks at Ivy Lane taking care of everything. I'm sure we'll be back well before the reception." He paused, "Besides this is our time to celebrate."

Bunny was still concerned. Mike continued, "Sweetheart, I promise. I think you care more for Kathleen's reception than our engagement." Mike gave her a hurt look.

"Of course I'm excited about being engaged to you." She looked at the ring on her finger. "I'm just being silly. I know we'll be back in time."

"Now that's more like it." Together they walked up the wide stone staircase. Bunny had never seen such doors. They had to be, at least, 10 feet tall. Each one was intricately carved from dark wood and had a large stain glass window in it.   As they reached the stoop, the giant doors opened. Standing in the threshold, was a woman dressed in a very conservative suit.

"Mike, so glad to have you back." She turned to Bunny. "You must be Bunny. Welcome." With that, Margaret Harbuck stood aside so they could enter.

Bunny was so taken aback with grand hall that, 3 feet after she walked in, she couldn't move. She had never been in such a room. The grand hall was round with a double staircase facing the front door from across the room. Both sets of stairs gently curved as they followed the side of the wall. A 2nd story balcony encircled the room opening at the top of the stairs. Hanging down from the 35-40 foot ceiling, in the middle of the room, was the largest crystal chandelier Bunny had ever seen. She turned to Mike and whispered,"I bet that's real crystal, not just glass."

Mike replied in a whisper,"Probably so."

"And these look like real pictures, "Bunny said as she looked at the eclectic collection of art work on the walls.

"I would imagine, so."

Turning toward the patio, Bunny saw people all dressed up and walking around. She turned to Ms. Harbuck, "Oh, that looks so beautiful. Is it wedding?"

"It is," replied Ms. Harbuck with a smile.

"Who is getting married?" said Bunny still looking through the windows in large French doors.

" 'Mr.' Walter's grandson." Knowing that meant nothing to Bunny, she added,"Walter Pace is the Chairman of our Board of Trustees."

"Oh," was all Bunny could say as she and Mike followed Ms. Harbuck to one of the large French doors that opened to the patio. Ms. Harbuck swung the door open. Bunny walked up to the door to get a closer look at the event. Just then  . . .

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