Thursday, May 3, 2018

A Spurned Mother of the Bride

"Mike! Do Something!" But by the time Bunny made her plea Mike was already sprinting toward the cake. He was not alone. Jeb was there before Mike. They were both shocked when they reached the cake table. Dixie was screaming like a wild bangee. Poor Harrell was trying to calm her down in a quiet voice. It seemed he did not want his voice to add to the melee - like it mattered.

However, Harrell's pleas were all for nought. Mike held the table to keep it from toppling while Jeb literally peeled his mother-in-law's hands from the table. Finally the cake table was freed from her grip. Mike steadied the table to make sure it was okay. As he straightened everything on the table, he noticed the part missing from the rear of the bottom layer. Given everything that was going on, that was the least of the problems.

Luckily, Dr. Magill saw what was going on and had made his way through the crowd to the Beauregards. Harrell and Jeb were holding Dixie. They could keep her from moving but not from screaming. After Mercer looked at Dixie, he asked Harrell, "Any idea what happened?"

"Yes, no doubt this is the result of a spurned mother-of-the bride drinking a great deal of alcohol."

"That'll do it every time. Let's get her out of here and home." Mercer looked around and saw Hollis approaching him. "Great, Hollis, can you help?"

"Of course, what's the plan?"

"Let's help Harrell get Dixie home. Hopefully, I can calm her down there."

"Dr. Magill, what can I do?" asked Jeb.

"Just stay here and enjoy the party. Take care of Kathleen. Y'all had nothing to do with this."

Kathleen, by this time, standing beside Jeb said,"Thank you so much for helping Daddy."

Mercer looked at Kathleen,"Sweetheart, she'll be OK."

"Dr. Magill, I really don't care if she is or not. I'm really more concerned about Daddy."

"Like I told you and Jeb, just enjoy your party. We'll take care of this."

"Thank you so much."

Kathleen and Jeb stood there with Bunny and Mike as Mercer, Hollis, and Harrell guided Dixie across the lawn to a car. From the crowd, a voice said, "Ladies and gentlemen, no injuries or damage, this unfortunate occurrence has been taken care of. Remember we are here to celebrate the marriage of Kathleen and Jeb." Wade held up his glass. "To Kathleen and Jeb, and a long future of love."

The crowd replied, "To Kathleen and Jeb." It seemed the party resumed.

Kathleen walked up to Wade. "You know, you are getting good at that."  It is my pleasure. Seriously, let's just enjoy your evening.

"Given this is our last wedding today, I think my job is done." They both laughed.

Lou Ellen tapped Kathleen on her shoulder. "Honey, maybe it is time to cut the cake."

"Oh, the cake. I guess so. I just feel that cake is possessed." She paused. "Let me find Jeb."

As Kathleen walked away, Lou Ellen said under her breath, "You have no idea." But Lou Ellen, the one who was able to rise to the occasion and handle any crisis, took a deep breath. Then she started gathering the guests and steering them toward the cake, knowing full well, this could just be one more disaster of the evening. There was a chorus of oohs and ahs, as many of the guests saw  Beŕnerd's pes de la resistance for the first time.

From behind Lou Ellen, a soft voice said, "Oh my, I don't know how you did it?"

"Did what?" asked Lou Ellen.

"Why, move the cake so it backs up to the Lady Bankshire rose." 

Lou Ellen turned around to see Charlotte Beauregard standing there. "It makes a lovely backdrop for that cake. And, I know you are the only one who would have done that."

"You know me Charlotte, I just love a Lady Bankshire Rose!"

By this time the Bride and Groom were standing in front of the cake. Lou Ellen had placed 2 flutes of champagne on the table. She had cleaned the silver knife that had been thrown to the ground as a victim of the earlier "mishap" with Dixie. Charlotte and Ed, Jeb's parents, came forward to make a few remarks. Ed spoke for both of them, thanking Bunny and everyone who helped with the wonderful evening, saying how thrilled they were to welcome Kathleen into the family. They congratulated the couple, wished them well, and told them how much they loved them.

Kathleen and Jeb cut the cake. When Kathleen tasted it she commented, "Oh my goodness, it tastes as good as it looks. I'll give it to Mama, she chose a terrific cake."

"A little over top, wouldn't you say?" laughed Jeb.

"What else would expect?" said Kathleen and everyone within earshot laughed with her.

Lou Ellen stepped forward, "I'll cut pieces for any guests who would like one. You two, go have fun. Dance - that's what the band and that dance floor are for."

Kathleen thanked Lou Ellen and she and Jeb made their way back to the house. Mike looked at Bunny, "That's a great idea. I think we need to dance also."

"Sounds good to me. I've had enough excitement for one night. I can't imagine anything else happening can you?"

'Bunny, let's not say that. Just enjoy the peace while it lasts. I truly believe in living for the moment." He pulled Bunny close to him. "Otherwise, I would have never gotten through this day.

They stepped on the dance to to Glenn Miller's String of Pearls. Finally Bunny relaxed. So much had happened today, it was going to take a while to process it all. As she looked over Mike's shoulder, she noticed someone move slowly by the porch. Calmly, she asked, "Mike, who is that?"

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